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How to Migrate Amazon WorkMail to Office 365 Account Safely?

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Outline: Are you one of those who are considering whether to switch from AWS WorkMail to Microsoft 365? If you are having an affirmative reply to this question, then, you are at the right page finally. However, there is a large number of AWS users who are looking for a solution to perform Amazon WorkMail to Office 365 migration.

As per the reports, 90% of the users have already adopted cloud environments for one or other reasons. However, each one of them offers a different set of features that entices the users. This is one of the major reasons behind moving from one platform to another.

Thus, in this article, we are going to explain the finest and safe solution to perform the importation and the reasons behind it.

As everyone knows that Microsoft is a company that is highly favored amongst cloud users. Besides that, it also holds a significant amount of market share for business email. It offers a suite that includes all the products like MS Word, PowerPoint, SharePoint, Excel, etc. On the contrary to this, a huge amount of users are opting for AWS because of its transparency. Also, it has a size limitation for email messages. Therefore, user prefer to move to the platform which is secure enough to manage data.

In the next part of the blog, we’ll tackle some of the common reasons for migration to the Microsoft 365 platform.

AWS v/s Microsoft 365 – Which is Better?

  1. Both WorkMail and Microsoft 365 are cloud-based services that offer different features. Users just need to provide the login details to access them.
  2. Users even decide to migrate AWS WorkMail to Office 365 because of its in-built facility with different application. Such as, Microsoft Office suite has Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and so on as inclusions. Whereas Amazon WorkMail doesn’t offer any of this.
  3. Office 365 offers the large size to manage all emails safely along with attachments while AWS provides just 50 MB.
  4. Each of the two comes with updated security features including virus and spam protection.
  5. Features like online meetings, HD video, web conferencing etc are missing in Amazon WorkMail.

After observing the reasons provided above, we will now mention the most suitable method for execution.

Perform Amazon WorkMail to Office 365 Migration Proficiently

The most efficient solution that you can choose to migrate AWS WorkMail emails with attachments to Microsoft 365 is here. So, using the IMAP to Office 365 Migration Tool you can easily transfer emails from AWS account in bulk mode.

Besides this, you need not install any other additional application for the execution. Also, you can first download the demo version of the software to come across the functionality in a better manner. All you have to do is to perform the given steps carefully and sequentially to migrate Amazon WorkMail to Office 365 with all emails and attachments.

Apart from these, this is one of the finest solutions that never impose any limitations while migration. That mean AWS user can easily migrate multiple emails from multiple user account using this standalone application. However, the best thing about this software is it can run on both Mac and Windows operating system without hindrance.

Why Should Prefer This Standalone Too Over Others?

However,  there may be plenty of solutions available in the market but choosing this software is a great choice because-

  1. It provides facility to export AWS emails from a certain time period using the Date-Filter function.
  2. Only download newly received emails with the delta Amazon WorkMail to Office 365 migration option.
  3. Migrate all the emails of numerous AWS WorkMail user accounts at once by availing of the concurrent migration option.
  4. Using the Pause & Resume tool on Mac OS and Stop & Start option on Windows OS, you can manage ongoing migration.
  5. The Mac based software provides facility to pick and choose the folders to migrate emails from.
  6. All editions of Windows OS and Mac OS versions 32 and 64 bit are supported for a smooth process.
  7. There is no data tampering throughout the migration process, and all data is preserved.

Amazon WorkMail to Office 365 Migration for Windows Users

Here, we are mentioning the steps that one must perform in a stepwise process.

  • Download and activate the tool on your supported Windows OS version

migrate AWS WorkMail to Office 365

  • Next, choose the Source and Destination platforms as IMAP and Office 365>> Emails from the Workload Category.

source and destination selection

  • Afterward, fill in the details of the chosen Amazon WorkMail account and validate it.

Amazon WorkMail as Source

  • Just like that, enter the Destination Microsoft Office 365 details and validate it.

Office 365 as destination

  • Now, add the users from the Users screen >> Validate them accordingly

Validate added users

  • The last step is to hit the Start Migration button to begin the safe procedure to migrate Amazon WorkMail to Office 365 on Windows desktop.

Start Amazon WorkMail to Office 365 migration

After the completion of the migration, the software will generate a detailed report. This export report incorporates all the migration information from the email category.

How to Migrate AWS WorkMail to Office 365 on Mac Desktop Directly?

All Mac users can download the above tool on any version of Mac machine. Then, just follow the following steps to transfer bulk AWS emails –

  • There are some important prerequisites to follow, implement them and hit Continue option

Amazon WorkMail to Office 365 migration

  • After that, from the Source Account type, select the Amazon WorkMail option, enter the credentials of the required AWS user account and tap validate

select amazon workmail option

  • Next step is to choose the Office 365 option as destination IMAP account, provide User Name and Password for the same, hit Validate

validation credentials of m365

  • If necessary, then to transfer emails with attachments from multiple AWS WorkMail accounts to Microsoft 365, click Add option

migrate AWS workmail to office 365

  • Finally, mouse-click on the Start Migration option for Amazon WorkMail to Office 365 migration on Mac computers.

Amazon WorkMail to Office 365 migration
After completion of the procedure successfully, the tool will generate a summary report including all the details. If necessary, one can save it on their local desktop at any location for future reference.

End Point

For a secure Amazon WorkMail to Office 365 migration, we recommend you to go with the professional solution mentioned above. This tool can easily fulfill all the user requirements in a hassle-free manner. Using this software, all the Mac and Windows users can easily migrate AWS WorkMail to Office 365 account. For more, it even offers a free demo version to try it out first with limited trials. Furthermore, a technical team has been set up to assist you with the process, all the time.