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G Suite Sync is Not Working: Know the Reasons Here

Ugra Narayan Pandey | Modified: 2022-04-22T12:51:52+00:00| Errors | 6 Minutes Reading

G Suite Sync tool allows Google Apps users to use MS Outlook mailbox data with a Gmail account. It is a great application for business users who want to work with both the client i.e., Gmail and Outlook. However, G Suite Sync for Microsoft Outlook has some inherent issues. Due to this, many users avoid the use of this tool. In this blog, we are going to elaborate on all the possible errors such as G Suite Sync is Not Working, G Suite Sync error, etc. while using the G Suite Sync tool in a detailed manner.

Additionally, an alternate method will suggest that moves Outlook data to Gmail account without an error.

Google Apps Sync for Outlook Not Working: Top 10 Reasons

In the following section, we have discussed the most frequent G Suite Sync error synchronizing. So, let’s begin!

1. GSSMO Icon is Greyed Out

Most of the time G Suite Sync icon does not display on the system tray and users are unable to perform the sync process. The reason for this problem either can be the slow speed of internet connection or maybe Outlook running in the offline mode.

 2. Synchronization Process Stops Abruptly as G Suite Sync is not Working

When the users select the Unlimited mailbox size feature in GSSMO, it would increase the limit of Outlook data file (PST). For example, it enhances PST files up to 20 GB for Outlook 2007 and 50 GB for MS Outlook 2016, 2013, and 2010. But, the problem is large-sized PST files, creating sync errors (Outlook 2016 not syncing with Gmail) and degrading the application performance.

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3. Outlook Dragged Folder Causes Problem

When the users move the emails from a folder to the Outlook inbox folder by drag and drop process, it may seem like files are imported. Actually, these dragging folders do not import the emails into the Inbox and cause G Suite Sync is Not Working.

4. Unable to View EML & MSG Files as G Suite Sync is not Working

If a user sends mail that consists of an email message as an attachment in Outlook, then G Suite Sync tool is unable to open that attachment. So, in order to avoid this glitch, it is better to forward the Outlook message instead of sending it as an attachment file. Adding to it, GSSMO tool does not permit the following executable files:

.ade, .wsh, .adp, .bat, .dll, .exe, .hta, .ins, .isp, .mde, .msg, .wsc, .vxd, .vbs, .wsf, .mst, .pif, .scr, .sct, .shb, .sys, .vb, .vbe, .msp, .lib, .jse, .cpl, .com, .chm,

5. PST File Larger than GSSMO Mailbox

The email that is saved in different labels in the Google account is displayed in each folder in the Microsoft Outlook client. Users might be thinking there are duplicate copies of a single email present in the Outlook folders. As a result, it enhances the size of the Outlook data file i.e., PST and it becomes larger than the GSSMO mailbox. However, there is a single copy of an email. To resolve this issue, users can delete the email and it will be automatically erased from all the labels. Then, a user only found errors e.g Google apps sync for Outlook not working.

6. Cannot Import Email Between Folders in Outlook

It is the most frequent and annoying error. Whenever the users are trying to import an email from one folder to another, it shows an error i.e. G Suite Sync is Not Working. The reason is that the targeted folder where the Outlook trying to move is not available in Gmail. To fix this, either user can create the corresponding label in Gmail or delete the folder in Outlook and create it again.

7. Drafts Messages Do Not Appear as G Suite Sync is not Working

This is another disturbing error that users cannot view drafts items on Gmail. With the help of the GSSMO tool, one can not able to organize drafts emails with a Gmail account. Furthermore, the user should finish the email on the same email application where it is created.

8. Huge Emails Time-Out Over Weak Connection

If a user sends an email with a huge attachment over a weak internet connection then a time-out occurs. As a result, the message will not deliver and remains in the Outlook folder as an error i.e. Google mail not syncing with Outlook. Moreover, by default, the time-out repeatedly
occurs at 90 seconds. To troubleshoot this situation, users need to bring some modifications to Registry Editor. This will increase the time period of time-out.

9. Outlook Sent Items folder Do Not Show Messages

By default, the sent emails appear in the Sent Items folder in Microsoft Outlook. However, after the use of the G Suite Sync tool changes the settings in Outlook. The sent messages do not appear in the corresponding folder. The users can fix this issue by changing the default settings of the Outlook application.

10. Not Using Updated Version of GSSMO Tool

Most of the time it happens that users do not use the new release of G Suite Sync for Microsoft Outlook tool and hotfixes. As a result, the G Suite Sync is Not Working. Moreover, Before using the GSSMO tool, make sure that the Outlook PST file is corruption-free.

Smart Way to Deal With G Suite Sync is Not Working

It is evident from the above that G Suite Sync for Microsoft Outlook (GSSMO) has lots of downsides. So, it is not the best way to move important PST files into Gmail domain. Because, if any sync error leads to corruption in the .pst file, then it will be a big loss for the Outlook users. So, a third-party tool is necessary to be used so as to get rid of these types of errors. You can buy the software as per your requirements from the market.

Final Words

G Suite is the packaged suite that is available for businesses, institutions, or schools. Because of this, many Outlook users attract to it. For this, they use the GSSMO tool to sync the Microsoft Outlook account with Gmail. But due to the presence of many sync errors in the utility like G Suite Sync is Not Working, G Suite Sync error, Outlook 2016 not syncing with Gmail, google apps sync for Outlook not working, Gmail not syncing with Outlook 2010, or other. So people are looking for a new tool and Outlook to G Suite Migrator is the best choice for all these types of errors.