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How to Migrate AOL to Office 365 Account with Manual Method?

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Over the last few years “How to perform  a safe process to migrate AOL to Office 365” has become a widely searched query. So, this blog entails the best possible solutions for the same.

Cherishing the memories of the “You’ve Got Mail” notification on your AOL mail? It was almost two decades ago when it was apparently one of the most popular email service providers. While it has a relatively simple interface and a pretty decent mobile application, it hasn’t been widely adopted by many users. It’s used so irregularly that it’s not easy for recipients to mistake AOL email for spam. As a result, users start looking for a suitable platform to perform this migration.

In the next segment of the blog, we will be finding the reasons to migrate AOL email to Microsoft 365. Later, we will provide the best available solutions for the same.

Why is it Eminent to Perform the Migration?

To be honest, numerous users are facing challenges while working on AOL mail. This includes the support performance which was and still is worsening with each passing day. Also, the incompetency of the labels and thread conversations are amongst the biggest setbacks. Additionally, it doesn’t offer any search option provision too. This is one of the major turn-offs for any organization to store their vital data.

Office 365 is way ahead of AOL mail in all verticals. It is an integrated suite that offers plans which are more flexible than the American Online email client. Also, Microsoft 365 business plan consists of Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and OneDrive. It offers easy operability, scalability, and security to its users. Also, for official purpose or business environment, the Microsoft 365 is considered best as compared to AOL. M365 is even far better because of its high core data security.

After discovering all the features of the Office 365 platform, we will now discuss the ways that a user can take to perform this safe Migration.

How to Migrate AOL to Office 365 Manually Easily?

A user must have access to OWA AKA Outlook on the Web Access to move the emails. This will provide them access to IMAP and POP settings using which a user can easily migrate AOL account to Office 365 platform.

  • The first and foremost step is to sign in to your OWA account.
  • From there, click on the Settings icon >> Search Account Settings >> Select Connected Accounts Option.
  • Select the + icon in the newly opened wizard to add a POP3/IMAP account.
  • Next, enter the AOL email address and hit OK to move further.
  • Afterward, in the “Connect your email account” wizard, hit the OK button to proceed to the next step.
  • At last, a list of the connected account will then be seen there.

After the successful configuration, a user can view the emails in Office 365 account.

It is a monotonous process and requires technical knowledge. Subsequently, the upcoming section of the blog comprises the best-automated solution to perform AOL mailbox to Office 365 migration.

Migrating Bulk AOL Mail Users to Microsoft 365 – Certified Method

AOL Migration Tool is the most powerful, robust, and error-free program to migrate AOL to Office 365 for emails with attachments. This software will allow you to migrate all the emails without any fear of data loss in one go.

In addition, the software well maintains the folder structure and metadata properties intact throughout the entire migration process. Besides this, the tool renders the delta and concurrent migration options for a user need.

However, a user can download the free edition of the software without paying a single penny. By doing so, they will have a better understanding of how the tool works and even get limited migration trials. Though, this software is even available for Mac users as well. So, one can simply migrate selective or bulk emails from AOL mail account to Microsoft 365 account on any latest or earlier Mac OS versions.

The adjoining section of the blog deals with the working of the program. Let’s find out!

Steps to Migrate AOL to Office 365 on Windows Desktop

  • Download and activate the migration utility on your Windows machine of any version
  • From the Setup screen, choose the Source as an IMAP option and Office 365 as a Destination platforms

source and destination selection

  • Thereafter, choose Emails from the Workload Category and click Next.

select emails to migrate AOL to Office 365

  • In the Source screen, provide the necessary details of the AOL mail account and Validate.

Select AOL

  • Likewise, in the Destination screen, provide the Office 365 account information and Validate.

enter office 365 credentials

  • From the Users screen, add the users whose data you want to migrate into selected destination.

user selection

  • Next, click on the Start Migration button to begin the procedure, it will begin migrating all emails from the AOL mail folders into selected O365 account. That’s it, tap the OK button once the procedure is done, then you can access emails along with attachments in your Microsoft 365 account on Windows machine.

start AOL to Office 365 migration

How to Perform AOL Mail to Microsoft 365 Migration on Mac OS?

For a safe and secure migration, download the Mac based migrator on desktop and follow the steps-

  • First and foremost, install the software and perform the instructions as given on the welcome screen, hit Continue

download mac software

  • From the next screen, just choose the IMAP Source account as AOL mail option, provide username and password >> Validate

move AOL email to icloud

  • Next, choose the Office 365 option as Destination account >> Enter username and password of required account >> Validate.

migrate AOL to Office 365

  • Here, Mac users can even go for selective emails migration using Date Filter, or check or uncheck the required folders of AOL mailbox

date filters for aol

  • Also, check Delta migration option to prevent email duplicates, though this feature is applicable from the second time of migration

delta migration of emails

  • Finally, mouse-click the Start Migration button to begin a secure and bulk process to migrate AOL to Office 365 on Mac OS.

migrate AOL to Office 365

The Final Verdict

In this write-up, we have discussed the manual and automated solution to migrate AOL to Office 365 safely. So, you can easily work on any of the given methods but you must have to be technically sound if you want to go for the manual. Therefore, we recommend you use the expert solution to perform the American Online Mail to Microsoft 365 migration on either Windows or Mac desktop.