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How to Migrate AOL Email to Outlook Using Manual Method?

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Are you still working on American Online webmail? Are you finding it difficult to manage all the emails in a single place? Users can consider MS Outlook as the best alternative to organize all the personal as well as business emails efficiently. Here, in this post, we will learn about the most effective solution to the query on how to migrate AOL email to Outlook.

American online, now known as AOL Mail is an email client having users from all around the globe. The reason behind this immense popularity is the free storage space provided to every individual user. In addition to this, it facilitates the users with instant messaging, contacts, and calendaring services.

Besides this, there are times when users tend to change the email service to a better one. So, they prefer to add the AOL account to Outlook platform because of the various security and privacy threats.

The below blog entails one such incident in brief. Have a look.

User Query: I was having an AOL mail account with tons of emails for my business purposes. One day when I tried to access my account, it showed an incorrect password message. After trying several times, a message popped up saying that your password has been changed half an hour ago. But, I was devastated as I haven’t changed my password. After that, by using the Forgot Password option, I was able to reset my password. But, my mailbox was altered and also some of the emails were deleted. So, I have decided to perform AOL migration to Outlook 2021 ASAP but have no idea of how to do it. Please help me out!

Just like this user, there can be many who are struggling with this situation. So, let’s find out the what can you do to overcome such situation. Before moving on to the solution, we will first find out the reasons behind this importation.

Why Migrate AOL Email to Outlook?

There are times when a user decides to switch from one email service to another like from AOL account to Outlook application. The below section includes a few of the reasons for this regard, such as-

  1. Outlook facilitates better data security including emails and attachments and other data.
  2. Microsoft Outlook even has a quite easy and safe accessibility.
  3. While working on Outlook, one can work with multiple accounts, because of its multiple application support.

After considering all these reasons, we will now know the methods to perform this migration.

There are basically two methods that you can easily avail to perform AOL to Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, etc. application. One is manual and the other is by using an automated method. We will share the step by step guide for both the methods in upcoming sections, let’s know the manual way first.

Manually Add American Online to Microsoft Outlook?

Perform the migration using the below manual step by step guide to access bulk emails in MS Outlook application later-

#1. Generate the App Password from AOL Mail

  1. To use this manual method, firstly, login to your AOL Mail account, by putting down your Login details.
  2. Click on the Options button from the top-right corner >> Account Info
  3. Thereafter, from the new window, click on Account Security.
  4. Scroll-down and click on Generate & Manage App Passwords.
  5. Here, just enter or select the Outlook Desktop option
  6. Hit the Generate Password button to create the application password to proceed further
  7. Following this by copying the app password somewhere so that we can use that later then click Done.

#2 – Migrate AOL Email to Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016

  1. Here, open any version of MS Outlook application, then select File in the top menu.
  2. In the left pane, select Info >> Add Account option for adding the new account
  3. In the next pop-up, just enter your AOL email account password and then click Connect, tap Done.

Now, it will start loading all the messages of your selected AOL mail account in its mailbox, so, that you can access them.

However, this native method consumes more time and you will need to perform it with utmost care. As one wrong step of this migration will lead to data loss. So, we request you to follow all the manual method steps wisely.

Furthermore, if there are several AOL mail account with bulk emails then, the process might get stuck. So, it is always better to choose a method that eliminates such limitations.

In addition to this, we recommend the user be technically sound if working on this method.

How to Migrate AOL Email to Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016?

On the other hand, the alternative method namely, IMAP Email Migration Tool for AOL to Outlook allows you to perform the migration without any difficulty. The software is a robust and error-free solution developed using advanced algorithms. It is sufficient to perform simultaneous large-scale migrations of multiple users at the same time.

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Additionally, there are a few other features, including a date filter that one can use for selective migrations. Using this, the program will only transfer files within these specific date ranges. Moreover, you can simply use this tool even to migrate AOL to Office 365 account.

Attractive Features of the Remarkable Mac Utility

The next section of the blog contains several other features of the program.

  1. An easy-to-use, secure and self-contained interface that makes your work easy to migrate AOL to Outlook application.
  2. Ability to bulk migrate multiple user accounts at once. It can even helpful to move AOL email to iCloud account for bulk emails & attachments.
  3. Gradually migrate new emails from AOL account to Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, etc. email account.
  4. Migrate account emails from multiple users at the same time with the concurrent migration option on respective Mac OS.
  5. Moreover, best tool for maintaining the folder structure to support the entire migration process.
  6. Simplest software that supports all the latest and earlier versions of Mac operating system, including Mac OS 12.0.
  7. This automated and standalone software is easy to use and can perform tasks without technical assistance. Even non-technical users can easily use it without any complexity.

The next part of this article contains sequential work steps.

How to Transfer AOL Account to Outlook in Bulk? Guide

First, download and run the software on your Mac operating system and follow the step by step guide-

  • Thereafter, select your source IMAP account from the drop down list. Here is AOL >> Provide username and password and Validate

select aol mail

  • Then, select Outlook option as your Destination IMAP account >> enter a valid username and password >> Validate

migrate aol email to outlook

Afterward, a user can apply the filters, if required.

  • Date filters for selective or range-based AOL to Outlook migrations


  • The delta migration feature skips all the AOL emails that has already been migrated in the previous run

delta migration

  • Finally, press the Start Migration button to stimulate the process to transfer emails from AOL account to Outlook 2021, 20219, 2016 on Mac OS.

migrate aol email to outlook

Note: After the process is complete, this utility will generate an export report with all the migration details including counts of successes and failures.

The Final Verdict

The above blog has a good explanation of the most suitable ways to migrate AOL email to Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016. However, you can try the manual solution or professional one as per the need. But, manual methods has its own limitations while adding the accounts. Whereas, the automated solution helps in a safe and secure migration for AOL to Outlook application. In addition, you can take advantage of the free trial version of the software to better understand the features.