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How to Migrate Aruba Webmail to Office 365 Account? Quick Fix

Admin | Published: 2022-04-29T12:29:51+00:00| Migration | 4 Minutes Reading

Overview: Are you searching for a method to securely move Aruba email to Office 365 account? Then, stay tuned. As the main objective behind writing this blog is to simply provide the best solution to migrate Aruba Webmail to Office 365 platform.

I have been working on Aruba Webmail since its initial days. And until now, I am having around 50,000 emails stored in it. Now, it is really becoming cumbersome for me to manage them, and also the performance is suffering because of it. After extensive exploration, I discovered that Microsoft 365 would be the best and the most suitable platform. All that I have done so far is to only decide on the platform. Rest, I am struggling on finding an efficient solution to migrate Aruba to Microsoft 365. Any sort of help would be highly delightsome.

The next section of the blog holds the finest solution to perform the entire migration procedure in a few simple steps. So, without much further ado, let’s move on to the adjacent section of the write-up.

Aruba Webmail to Office 365 Migration – All at Once!

To switch from one platform to another is certainly the most asked query of the users. If you are one of those who are finding a solution to quickly migrate Aruba mailbox to O365 platform, then opt for the below-mentioned solution, blindly.

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The migrator tool for Aruba to Office 365 is a trusted, error-free, and robust solution. It ensures you provide guaranteed results without any data modifications or alterations. The various options rendered by the tool consist of Delta, Concurrent, and Priority-based migration. Besides this, the interface of the utility is straightforward and unambiguous.

In addition to this, the tool equips a free trial edition.

Use the Demo Version: We advise you to use the free version of the tool first. This will help you to better understand the working and operability of the tool before spending any money on it. It will allow you to migrate the data of 2 user accounts. After getting completely satisfied with the working of the tool, you can go for the full or licensed version to migrate unlimited emails at once.

How Does the Tool Work?

The graphical user interface of the tool is super easy and self-explanatory. A user first has to activate the tool on their Windows OS machine so as to proceed further.

Step 1. Firstly, opt for the Source and Destination platforms and choose Email from the workload category.

aruba webmail to office 365 migration

Step 2. In the Source Window, enter the details of the admin source account and validate it.

Source account selection

Step 3. Likewise in the destination window, enter the details of the destination account and validate it.

office 365 destination account

Step 4. The last step is to add the users, validate them, and hit the Start Migration button.

start migration

Note: After the process gets completed, the software generates a report that consists of an entire summary of the migration that has taken place.

Aruba Webmail to Office 365 Migrator – Fine Characteristics

  1. Easy and Interactive GUI: The migration tool for Aruba to Office 365 is safe and easy to use. Aruba Mail data can be safely migrated without any loss of information.
  2. Bulk Migration: The tool successfully supports the simultaneous migration of data from multiple Aruba email accounts. You can use this option by availing of the Concurrent migration feature.
  3. Preserve All Properties: The Aruba Webmail Migration Tool preserves all email properties during the entire procedure. With just a few clicks, you can easily get accurate and precise results. No changes or alterations will be made to the original format.
  4. Delta Migration: This option will let you migrate only the appended emails that arrived recently into your account. Thus, saving the time and fear of data-duplicity.

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The Final Statement

The above blog states the most reliable method to migrate Aruba Webmail to Office 365 account. This solution is effective for all the corporates, and personal users. If you are still having any sort of queries, then, you can contact the technical support team which is available for you 24X7.