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How to Perform Kerio to Office 365 Migration? Direct Solution

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Are you looking for a solution to migrate Kerio to Office 365 / Microsoft 365? Then, read this article to get a definite solution to your query on how to do Kerio to o365 migration.

In today’s era, a large number of business users are looking for an excellent solution to migrate their Kerio mail to some other reliable platform.

Although we know that Kerio Webmail is a powerful and well-known solution for enterprise users, however, it is best suited for small and medium-sized businesses. As it is capable of storing all the data items including emails, contacts, calendar etc. in an organized manner.

Usually, when a user makes up their mind to do this migration, they look for a platform that definitely offers more features than the previous one. This is when Microsoft Office 365 comes into the picture.

Microsoft 365 is one of the most premium email services that can be used for business communication to maintain the large email data. It comes with a bundle of applications like Word, PowerPoint, Excel etc. which provide useful features to its users. Furthermore, it provides an interactive GUI for easy operation and a safe and secure environment. There are many other reasons why a user would prefer to go for Kerio to Office 365 migration. We will discuss some of them in the next part of this informative blog.

Know Why Do Users Choose Microsoft 365 Over Kerio?

We know about it that Microsoft Office 365 is provided by Microsoft for business level users and it can be easily available for its users. It comes with regular and effective updates to be the best in the business. Furthermore, it provides a component of familiarity as almost everyone has worked on one or the other Microsoft Office tool.

Furthermore, the business license version provides additional benefits such as OneDrive, Teams, etc. on a pay-as-you-go basis.

After considering the benefits of Microsoft 365, we know why users want to migrate Kerio to Office 365 accounts.

However, despite the benefits, you should perform the migration without any data modification or data loss. As the major concern is to get the same result without any change in emails or their metadata. Moreover, data is precious for all users and companies so losing them can cause a lot of problems.

So, the next part of the blog consists of the methods which you all can easily opt for.

How to Migrate Kerio to Office 365 / Microsoft 365 Safely?

For a safe migration using the IMAP to Office 365 Migration Tool is the best choice for both Mac & Windows users. This software is sufficient enough to easily migrate bulk emails along with attachments at once. Moreover, it is an efficient solution for Kerio migration to Office 365 of multiple users simultaneously using the concurrent migration.

Also, the interface of the IMAP migration tool utility is self-explanatory and doesn’t require a user to be technically sound. The dashboard of the tool consists of a help section that provides a brief summary of the migration process. Even if the user persists in any issues, then, a technical support team is there to help you 24X7.

A free edition of the tool can be easily downloaded from the link above to try out the tool. The Windows based version will allow the users to migrate the emails of 2 user accounts from Kerio connect migration to Office 365 platform.

Prime Characteristics of the Professional Utility

The utility is developed with advanced algorithms to perform the entire procedure in a trouble-free manner. Some of them are listed in the adjacent section of the blog.

  1. This Kerio connect to Office 365 migration tool supports migrating data of multiple user accounts at once using Concurrent migration.
  2. Capable of migrating the newly appended data only via the Delta migration option.
  3. Moreover, this standalone application and doesn’t require any other additional tool for functioning.
  4. Date filtering for an effective range-based migration to migrate Kerio to Office 365 / Microsoft 365 account.
  5. Migrate the all the emails & attachments of the important users first using Priority-based migration.

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Working Steps to Transfer Kerio Mail to Microsoft 365

Download the Kerio migration to Office 365 tool on supported Windows operating machine to transfer all emails –

Step 1. The first and foremost step is to choose the source account and Destination account from the window screen, where choose IMAP as source and Office 365 as destination to proceed.

Kerio to Office 365

Step 2. Scroll down to the same screen to select Email from the Workload Category or you can even add on the date filters as per the requirement.

date filtering

Step 3. The next step is to move on to the Source screen, here select the Other option and fill in the details of Kerio Connect mail account to validate it.

source Kerio details

Step 4. Afterward, perform the same procedure for the Destination account by choosing the Office 365 / Microsoft 365 and validate it.

Destination Office 365 details

Step 5. Add users and validate it one last time and hit the Start Migration button to migrate Kerio to Office 365 account on Windows OS.

Start Kerio to Office 365 migration

How to Use Mac Kerio to Office 365 Migration Tool?

Download this automated software on any supported version of Mac desktop, follow the step by step guide for the same-

  • Here, go through with the given prerequisite and click Continue option to move further with the migration.

download kerio connect to office 365 migration tool

  • Thereafter, pick the Other option and then enter the Kerio Mail account credentials to Validate the account details.

kerio mail account details

  • Here, for the destination account, choose the Office 365 / Microsoft 365 option as destination, and Validate.

o365 account

  • Click the Advance Settings for setting the date range to only transfer Kerio Connect emails & attachments selectively.

specific emails

  • At last, click Start Migration option to begin the process to migrate Kerio to Office 365 / O365 account on Mac supported PC. Once the process will be complete, the tool will send a notification message on the screen, tap OK to proceed and check Report.

migrate Kerio to Office 365

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Bringing it all together!

If we conclude, then, here, we have shared about how to migrate Kerio to Office 365 instantly. To ease the pain of all the users, we have also introduced a step-by-step guide. Therefore, users can download Kerio Connect Migration to Office 365 tool and migrate emails without any modification. As this is one of the most seamless solutions that is available for this situation. So, one can use the tool and make best use of it to transfer multiple Kerio emails to destination O365.