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Best Method to Migrate Bellsouth to Gmail Account – Try it

Admin | Published: 2022-06-08T12:11:44+00:00| Migration | 4 Minutes Reading

Summary: Want to know how to import Bellsouth to Gmail account in an unfussy manner? Or want to know how to transfer email from a Bellsouth account to Gmail account? If so, look no further as you have certainly stumbled upon the right place.

Because of its various features, email is widely used. It’s asynchronous, which means you can respond to messages on your calendar rather than scheduling a face-to-face meeting to chat with someone. Besides this, it’s very convenient in an age when almost every professional has a smartphone. That’s why organizations still use email as their primary source for communication.

BellSouth, LLC (adapted as BELLSOUTH and formerly known as BellSouth Corporation) is an American media communications holding company located in Atlanta, Georgia. In 1984, Bellsouth has separated from AT&T. Subsequently, the Bell logo is now part of its core corporate identity.

Gmail is one of the most popular electronic platforms in the world. It offers different types of assistance such as better visual interfaces, security, and much more. Due to the popularity of Gmail, many Bellsouth customers want to move their messages to a Gmail account.

Read one such user query in the forthcoming section of the blog.

“Hey! After struggling for establishing secure email communication, I have finally decided to migrate Bellsouth emails to Gmail. Because Google Gmail offers a lot of future that Bellsouth didn’t have. So now I want to transfer all Bellsouth emails to my Gmail account. Is there software and software to import emails from Bellsouth to my Gmail account? Please help!”

Do not worry! In the next section of the blog, we will mention the answers to all your queries.

Let’s have a look!

Migrate Bellsouth to Gmail Account – A Superb Way

The IMAP Server Migration Application for Bellsouth to Gmail is a reliable solution for sending emails from Bellsouth.net to Gmail. It makes it easier to migrate Bellsouth mailboxes to Google Workspace or Gmail with great ease. You can rely on appropriate settings, such as custom data filters, and batch mode settings, to accurately migrate from Bellsouth.net to Google Mail.

Click on the below-given buttons to download the software on your Windows machine.

Avail the Application:

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Privileges of the Utility

Move Emails Accurately:

Bellsouth Migrator Utility for Gmail is built using advanced algorithms. As a result, it preserves data integrity and provides 100% accurate results at the end of the migration

Selectively migrate Bellsouth to Gmail:

With this program, you can even apply filters to sort emails. It offers a selective data migration feature that allows you to select emails from Bellsouth.net in a range of dates, email addresses, topics, and more.

Move emails to default Gmail folders:

This software also allows you to move the Bellsouth.net folder to the same destination folders. It never changes the location of users’ mailboxes during this task.

Preserves Attributes of Bellsouth Email:

While transferring the emails from Bellsouth account to Gmail account, the utility maintains the email properties intact. This includes mail headers, attachments, images, hyperlinks, and so on.

Concurrent Migration:

The tool facilitates the feature to migrate the data of multiple users’ accounts at once by using the concurrent migration feature. This will in return save the time and efforts of the users.

Delta Migration:

The delta migration feature allows users to skip the already migrated data between the accounts. This will result in eliminating the duplicity of data.

5 Steps to Migrate Bellsouth to Gmail Account

  • Primarily, download and install the utility on your Windows OS machine.

Bellsouth to Gmail

  • From the Setup screen, choose your Source and Destination platforms. Also, select the workload category as Email and apply date-filter, if needed.


  • Now, in the Source screen, provide the details of the Bellsouth account and validate them.

Source account

  • In the likewise manner, enter the details of the destination Google Mail account and validate.

Bellsouth email to Gmail

  • At last, Add the Users >> Validate them >> hit Start Migration.

Start migration

The Bottom Line

Well, in the above section of the blog we discussed the best solution to migrate Bellsouth to Gmail account. Also, users can opt for the above-given solution without investing a single penny in it. In addition to this, a technical support team is there to assist you throughout the migration process.