IMAP to G Suite Migration Tool

A Utility to Transfer Emails From IMAP Server to Google Apps / G Suite Account

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IMAP to G Suite Migration Tool permits the user to migrate IMAP email to Google Apps account. The software is well intelligent to import IMAP account to Gmail mailboxes or to another server at once.

  • IMAP to Google Apps Migrator Add IMAP email to Gmail or G Apps account
  • The metadata property is maintained using G Suite IMAP Migration Tool
  • Permits to transfer IMAP server emails and contacts into G Suite account
  • At the end of the migration process, a complete export report is generated
  • Multiple IMAP mailboxes can be exported at once to the Google Suite account
  • Upload all IMAP mailbox items like Inbox, Drafts, Sent Items, Deleted Items, etc.
  • After IMAP to G Suite migration, the original folder structure is not compromised
  • The tool to export IMAP to Google is compatible with all IMAP email servers

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Features of IMAP to G Suite Migrator

Traverse Best Features to Migrate IMAP Account to Gmail

g suite imap migration

Migrate IMAP Email to Google Apps Account

The program to backup IMAP to Gmail guarantees a user to transfer emails from an IMAP server to Google Apps account. Additionally, the product is designed with such an algorithm that it can move personal, shared, public folder from IMAP mailboxes to Google Apps. All a user needs to do is enter the credentials of IMAP account and G Suite account.

imap account to gmail migration

Migrate IMAP to Gmail with Attachments

The software facilitates a user to move IMAP mailboxes to Google Suite in bulk. For G Suite IMAP Migration user can transfer contacts from the IMAP Server in addition to emails, attachments, events. A user can also select some specific IMAP mailboxes to export it to the Google account. The original structure of mailboxes is not disturbed after using this tool.

add imap to google inbox

Uploads Items From IMAP Mailboxes With Ease

Another amazing feature offered by the program to import IMAP account to Gmail is that, it can export different sorts of mailbox components. The items from the sent item, deleted item, Outbox, Inbox, personal folder, junk folders, etc., are imported to Gmail account without any difficulty. Also, more than one IMAP mailboxes can be moved to G Suite account.

transfer mail to gmail via imap

Maintains Metadata Property of IMAP Mailboxes

The IMAP to G Suite migrator permits the user to Migrate IMAP Email to Google Apps account without any change in the original email attributes. The attributes such as Cc, Bcc, time, date, subject, etc., properties are retained even after using a utility to import IMAP to Gmail. The software manages to migrate IMAP data with links, background image, formatting, graphics.

backup imap emails to gmail

Compatible With All IMAP Enabled Servers

It is a simple but smart utility to backup IMAP mailboxes to Gmail account. The various IMAP servers supported by this software are Yahoo mail, Gmail, Zoho Mail, AOL Mail, Verizon, Amazon WorkMail, etc. All the features offered by IMAP to Google Apps importer hold good for all the IMAP servers.

import imap account into gmail

Original Folder Hierarchy of IMAP is Preserved

The folder hierarchy of the IMAP server emails is kept intact while moving data from mailboxes to Gmail or Google Apps. Moreover, the tool allows the user to generate the same labels for customized IMAP folders. This way, a user can map folders from the source IMAP folders to the new folder created in G Apps.

add imap account to gmail

Transfers Data in an Incremental Way

The IMAP to Google Apps migration tool helps the user to add IMAP mailboxes to Gmail in an incremental way. It means the data which is imported once will not be moved again. In the second turn, the tool will prohibit the data migration. This feature saves a lot of storage space and irrelevant wastage of time while adding IMAP to Google Inbox.

Date Based filter

Apply Categories and Date-Based Filters

The product facilitates a user to export some selected IMAP server emails to G Suite account. This can be done by applying a date-based filter. Here, a user has to enter “To” and “From” fields. The IMAP emails falling under this range will be migrated and the other data will be rejected. The category option enables a user to select date elements like emails only, contacts only, etc.

Working Steps to Export IMAP Mailboxes to Gmail

Concise Working of Product to Backup IMAP to G Apps

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Client Reviews

The features mentioned on the website are very genuine. The application migrate IMAP to G Suite / Google Apps very accurately in a short span of time. The efficiency with which the IMAP to Google Apps migration tool works make me really happy. Thanks to your development team for producing such a product.

Victor Kelly, Brazil

I have used a number of utilities for Zoho to G Suite migration. But, I never achieved the results which can make me happy. The worst thing I faced was I lost my data. Then, while surfing the internet, I came to know about this tool to backup IMAP to Gmail. I used it and I am fortunate that I found this application. Thanks.

Sharon Fisher, Peru

I am working in an IT firm from the last few weeks. I do not have a deep knowledge regarding software applications. But still, I used this product for moving from Yahoo small business to Google Apps. I cannot believe that it is so easy to work on it. Just a few clicks and desired results were there. Thank you for making IMAP to G Suite conversion so simple.

Sam Olson, Barbados
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