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How to Migrate eM Client to Office 365 Account? Secured Way

Admin | Published: 2022-06-16T10:12:42+00:00| Migration | 4 Minutes Reading

Overview: Microsoft Office 365 security features lure the users to migrate from eM Client to Office 365 platform. This is why a considerable amount of users are finding ways to perform the importation. Subsequently, in this article, we will mention the best possible method for the same.

eM Client operates on Windows OS and is a powerful service for managing emails. It is compatible with a number of cloud platforms and most enterprises use them as the primary source of communication.

However, with time, the demand for eM Clients has declined drastically. Subsequently, users have started finding a reliable substitutes for the same. This is when Microsoft 365 comes into the picture. Microsoft 365 or Office 365 offers a wide range of incomparable features that will enhance the overall work productivity of any enterprise.

So, in this blog, we will cover the query on how to migrate eM Client mailbox to Office 365 platform in just a few clicks. Thus, continue with the blog to find an appropriate method.

Best Method to Migrate eM Client to Office 365 Platform

There is no direct manual solution that will let you perform this importation process. So, we will mention the expert solution in the forthcoming section of the article.

Direct Method to Migrate eM Client Mailbox to Microsoft 365

The IMAP Email Server Migration Tool for eM Client to Office 365 is a one-stop, robust and bug-free solution that will allow you to perform the importation efficiently.

The easy-to-use and intuitive interface make it easier for non-technical users to operate the utility. Besides this, a trial version of the same can be availed from the below-given download link. A user can first evaluate the working of the program and after being completely satisfied, can go for the licensed edition of the same.

Free Download Purchase Now

Stepwise Guide to Migrate eM Client to Office 365

  • Firstly, a user has to download, install, and activate the tool on their system.


  • Next, from the Setup screen, choose the Source as IMAP and Destination as Office 365.

Source and Destination selection

  • From the same screen, you can set the date range filter and make the workload category selection as well.

eM Client to Office 365

  • After that, from the Source screen, provide the details like the name of the IMAP server, the URL, and the Port Number. Authenticate the added details by clicking on the Validate button.

provide details

  • Similarly, in the destination screen, provide the admin email and the application ID and proceed further by clicking on the Validate button.

em client mailbox to office 365

  • The next step is to add the Users to the panel and authenticate by clicking on the Validate button.

validate users

  • At last, hit the Start migration button to initiate migrating the eM Client mailbox to Office 365 account.

migrate eM Client to Office

Noteworthy Characteristics of the Tool

  1. Move multiple emails: A tool that allows you to simultaneously transfer emails from eM Client to Office 365 accounts. It also reduces importation time and effort.
  2. Safe and easy-to-use interface: It is a completely safe and risk-free application. Users get 100% accurate results when working with this program. This software has a very simple, interactive, and intuitive interface. Technical and non-technical users can easily complete the migration process with this tool.
  3. No restrictions: The tool does not impose any restrictions during the process. So, users can download eM Client emails in bulk without any worries.
  4. Move Delta and Concurrent: By using the incremental migration option, users can easily move the newly arrived emails only. With concurrent migration, users can move data from multiple user accounts at once.
  5. Help Window: A help window has been provided on all the panel screens. That way, users can easily migrate without any problems.

The Bottom Line

Well, in the above blog, we have covered the best solution to migrate eM Client to Office 365 account. A user can take advantage of the demo edition to know the functionality of the program without investing any penny in it.

Additionally, a team of technical experts has been set up to assist you, whenever required.