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How to Migrate eM Client Emails to Gmail Account with Attachments?

Priya | Modified: 2023-01-19T07:23:39+00:00| Migration | 6 Minutes Reading

Using safe solution we all prefer to transfer emails from one platform to another email client. The same conditions apply when you want to migrate eM Client to Gmail account? Do not worry more as you have tripped on the right article. Here, we will mention the finest solution to migrate eM Client emails to G Suite / Google Mail with attachments in a methodical manner.

But before moving any further we will first read about both the email clients in brief.

Preface of eM Client and Google Mail Application

Well, eM Client is both Windows and Mac operating system based email client that is extensively used for sending or receiving emails, contact management, calendar, tasks, and so on. It provides a safe and invulnerable graphical user interface. In addition to this, it is accessible in 19 international languages. Also, a user can effortlessly configure the eM Client with their respective email clients using the POP3 and IMAP protocols.

On the other hand, creating a Google mail email account is like a cakewalk, so users migrate eM Client to Gmail account. It is free of cost and comes up with a 15 GB of free storage space that is bifurcated amongst Google Mail, Google Photos, and Google Drive.

When it comes to storing the essential user information, Google strikes every individual mind. The prime reason is that they have well-established their dominance in this field. Gmail or G Suite gives you a complete safe and secure platform to manage bulk data. Whereas the G Suite is one step better because of the facility to have own email address to own user domain. However, Gmail or Google Workspace can be easily executed on all the operating system in a hassle-free manner.

In fact, one can access the Gmail or G Suite account from any location. The storage space is even better for storing large email data with attachments in its mailbox and many more.

In the below sections of the blog, we have listed some of the major reasons behind this importation.

Best Way to Migrate eM Client to Gmail / G Suite Account?

To perform manual migration, users need to have basic technical knowledge. Otherwise, they risk losing their important email mailboxes including attachments.

However, we ain’t saying that one cannot implement this method. We simply advise users to choose a modern method to avoid all the obstacles.

Therefore, for this situation, one such solution is IMAP Server Migration Tool that is best to migrate emails with attachments from eM Client to Gmail or G Suite account. This program is designed to perform this task with the greatest ease. Also, the functionality of this tool makes it unique due to multiple in-built features.

IMAP to G Suite Migration Tool even comes with an easy to use graphical interface that makes the migration simple. However, all the Windows user can operate this tool to transfer eM Client emails to G Suite or Google Workspace with attachments. But the Mac based software is capable enough to transfer emails in to both Gmail or G Suite account as per the needs.

We will discuss the benefits of this tool in the next section.

Prime Characteristics of the Program

Bulk Data Migration – When you use the tool to transfer all emails from eM Client to Gmail account, it allows you to bulk transfer data to your destination. However, one can even use this tool to migrate email from eM Client to Office 365. The manual solution doesn’t allow you to perform any such importation.

Structured Folder Support – A modern approach to help users maintain the correct structure of their eM Client folders including attachments in Gmail or G Suite account. This makes it easier for the users to access the data files whenever they need them.

Selective Data File Migration – By using the expert solution, the users get the complete liberty to transfer only the selective data files of their choice. This will improve efficiency and productivity over time.

Complete Support of All Operating System – This is the smart application that works fine with all the versions of both Mac & Windows OS. So, one can easily operate it in the supported version the one you are using for a safe migration.

How to Migrate eM Client Emails to Google Workspace Account?

Users must first download the premium program and activate it on supported Windows machine with an activation key provided on the registered email ID. Finally, follow these steps carefully to migrate eM Client to Gmail business account-

Step 1: The user needs to select the source platform as IMAP and the Destination platform as G Suite to start the operation.

source and destination selection

Step 2. Check the Email checkbox and set the appropriate date filter.

Date Filter

Step 3. Enter Details of eM Client account >> Validate and repeat the same steps for the destination G Suite  account.

account details

Step 4. Add User >> Validate for one last time and click Start Migration for exportation of eM Client emails to G Suite.

Migrate eM Client to G suite

Note: After the completion of this migration procedure, this Windows based migrator generates an export report containing the details of the procedure. This includes the success and failure counts and can be used in the future.

How to Migrate eM Client to Gmail for Bulk Emails on Mac?

Download the Mac based software on your Mac machine from activate key, install it and follow the step by step guide-

  • For the source IMAP account choose the eM Client option, if not available, choose Other >> Provide its active username and password and click Validate

select emclient

  • Here, select either the G Suite or Gmail option in the Destination IMAP account >> enter account username and password for the same >> Validate 

Migrate eM Client to Gmail

  • Date filters for selective eM Client to Google Workspace migration or selection of required folder

dates filter

  • With the help of the delta migration feature, you can skip already migrated eM Client emails and attachments

delta migration of emails

  • Tap on the Start Migration button to transfer eM Client emails to G Suite or Gmail account on Mac desktop.

Migrate eM Client to Gmail

The Final Verdict

In this blog, we have acknowledged how to migrate eM Client to Gmail for all the email data including attachments. For this task, we have shared the direct migration tool for all Mac & Windows users. Using this one can easily migrate eM Client emails to G Suite / Google Workspace / Gmail account including attachments. Other than this, the software provides a team of executives to assist you, 24X7. Furthermore, one can download the free edition of the tool to know the working of the email migration.