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How to Migrate Multiple Emails from Eudora to Microsoft 365 Account?

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Looking for a solution to migrate Eudora to Office 365 accounts in bulk mode? If your answer is yes, then please read the article to the end. This is our best solution for how to import Eudora emails to Microsoft 365 cloud platform.

Before we start, let’s briefly understand what Eudora is and why all the users prefer this migration.

Eudora is an email client designed for Mac OS and Windows and computer platforms such as Newton and Palm OS. It was acquired by Qualcomm and finally opened by the Computer History Museum in 2018. After Qualcomm stopped supporting Eudora, users were prompted to switch to other email clients. However, many users who continue to use desktop clients consider switching to cloud solutions for a variety of reasons, from security to maintenance to cost.

Why Do Users Need to Import Eudora to Office365?

There are different benefits that user gets while managing the data on Office 365 account, therefore they switch from old clients. It includes advantages like-

  1. Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud-based platform that lets you remotely access emails, contacts, calendar tasks, and more.
  2. Moreover, M365 can provide greater security and privacy protection to its Mac & Windows users.
  3. In addition, it includes multi-application collaboration with advanced and interactive features.
  4. So fascinated by these features, today everyone is migrating to O365 account for a better data management.
  5. Users must migrate Eudora to Office 365 to access old Eudora email data including attachments in an Microsoft 365 account.

Now, moving on to the topic, read the section below to understand the solution in detail for this migration!

How to Manually Import Eudora Emails to Microsoft 365?

There is no direct way to migrate Eudora to Office 365 account for all emails. But we can perform this migration task manually, but indirectly. Subsequently, follow the given three steps to achieve the desired results.

Step 1: Export Emails from Eudora to Outlook Express

  • Open Outlook Express.
  • Select the Eudora Account emails you want to export.
  • View the location of the Eudora MBOX file containing data

Note – Navigate to the location to find the Eudora mailbox is C:\Documents and Settings (local account name)\Application Data\Qualcomm\Eudora.

  • After that, opt for the desired folder >> Next >> Finish.

Step 2: Import Eudora to Office 365 via Outlook

  • First & Foremost step is to open MS Outlook on your any respective operating system >> File menu.
  • Select Import and Export and then proceed to the next step.
  • The next step is to select Outlook Express according to requirements.
  • Select the Import Email and Import Address Book check boxes.
  • Click Next and complete the process by clicking on OK button.

Step 3: Transfer Emails from MS Outlook to Microsoft 365

  • Set up an Office 365 account in MS Outlook >> File tab >> Open and Export.
  • Select Import from another application and click Next.
  • Afterward, choose Outlook Data File (.pst) >> hit Next.
  • View the PST data file and configure the settings according to your preferences.
  • Select Import items into the same folder, and then select Office 365 mailbox.

Note: Make sure you have already configured the Microsoft 365 ID in Outlook application before performing the importation.

You can try this free method, but it takes a lot of time when you have multiple Eudora accounts to import & export.

Take a look at some of the other limitations of this approach.

Limitations of Manual Methods

  • A long and protracted process.
  • Tired of a large number of mailboxes in your Eudora mailbox account.
  • This does not allow you to retrieve attachments from the Sent folder.
  • This requires integrating multiple email clients into the system.

How to Migrate Bulk Emails from Eudora to Office 365 Proficiently?

The IMAP to Office 365 Migrator Tool is the best to migrate emails from Eudora account. Even, it is an appropriate safe solution for sending emails in batch mode. You can rely upon multiple filters such as custom data filters and batch mode settings to accurately migrate email from Eudora to Office 365.

Click the button below to download the software for your Windows or Mac computer of supported versions.

Moreover, this automated software is best to help with the email migration along with attachments. While using this Best IMAP Server Migration Tool you can even apply advanced filters for a smooth migration on Mac & Windows OS. Yes, this is the solution that works well with all the versions of Mac & Windows operating system to transfer multiple emails.

Steps to Perform Eudora Mailbox to O365 Migration Directly

After getting the activation key, download the utility on your Windows computer of supported version, follow the steps-

  • Just after that, install the application on respective Windows computer, and run it


  • On the settings screen, select the source platform as IMAP and destination platform as Office 365. Then, in the workload category, check the Email and apply the date filter as required.

Eudora to Office 365

  • Now, on the Source screen, choose Other option and enter and Validate your Eudora mail account details.

Source screen

  • Again, enter the credentials as asked for the Destination MS Office 365 account and Validate.

Office 365 destination

  • Finally, Add User >> Use Source App Password >> Validate >> Click Start Migration of Eudora to O365 account.

begin migrating Eudora to Office 365

Guide to Migrate Bulk Emails from Eudora to Office 365 on Mac

Download the above suggested Mac based utility on your Mac OS of any version, install it and follow the following steps-

  • From the welcome screen, tap Continue once you follow all the prerequisites

download tool

  • After that, it will ask you to select the source IMAP account, here select Eudora Mail option >> Provide its active username and password and Validate

select eudora

  • Then, choose the Office 365 option in the Destination IMAP account section >> enter a valid credentials >> Validate

Eudora to Office 365

  • Apply required Date filters for selective Eudora to O365 migration and check folders


  • If necessary, check delta migration feature to skip all the Eudora mailbox emails that has already been imported

delta migration

  • At last, click the Start Migration button to import all emails from Eudora Mail to Microsoft 365 / Office 365 account.

Eudora to Office 365 migration

Note: After transferring all the emails from the Eudora mail to Microsoft 365 account, this automated software provides a report. This report will contain all the success count and failure of the migration for both Windows & Mac users.

The Final Verdict

Well, in the blog section above, we discussed the best solutions for migrating Eudora to Office 365 account. However, we have shared both manual and automated solution for this importation, So, that you can import Eudora emails to Microsoft 365 easily. But manual method has its onw limitations, so we suggest you to choose either Mac or Windows based software. As fits the requirement you can choose that. Hence, transfer the emails and attachments and manage the data securely in O365.