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How to Migrate SquirrelMail Emails to Gmail Account in Batch?

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Emails are necessary for each and every user, be it for your personal or professional use. It is considered to be the most effective and reliable solution for communication. Technology is growing immensely with each passing day and so are the needs of the users. Similarly, there are plenty of users who are finding a solution to migrate SquirrelMail to Gmail account.

But before moving on to the solution, we will first discuss both the applications in detail.

We all are well-versed with the fact that in today’s world Gmail is one of the most popular email service providers. It’s free, has a lot of features, and integrates well with other Google services. G Suite is also a comprehensive productivity suite that Google offers to businesses. It contains a range of applications such as Gmail, Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides that help companies improve communication and collaboration. The package is affordable and offers many features that are good for business users.

Whereas, the SquirrelMail is a webmail client that allows you to access your email from any computer connected to the Internet. It’s easy to set up and use, and the various features let you customize your email experience. SquirrelMail is an email service that offers a range of features to its users. These include the ability to send and receive emails, organize emails into folders, create filters to automatically sort incoming messages, and set up respondents for the weekend.

But due to advancement of technology, most users prefer Gmail application to manage data rather than depending on some old mail client.

SquirrelMail to Gmail Migration – User Scenario

“I got SquirrelMail emails in batch from coworker and do not have any idea how this email application functions. Besides this, I do not want to hamper any of the information by performing any wrong steps. As a result, I want to transfer SquirrelMail emails to Gmail. Please suggest to me a solution that will allow me to perform this batch migration in a few steps without any trouble on my Mac desktop”.

After considering the above user query we have concluded that there must be several users who are coping with similar kinds of issues. So, in order to overcome all of them, we are providing the best available solution in the adjacent section of the blog.

How to Migrate SquirrelMail Emails to Gmail Professionally?

IMAP Email Migration Tool for Mac OS facilitates users to transfer batch emails from SquirrelMail to Gmail. It is an accurate solution that can be smoothly operated on all the versions of Mac OS. Moreover, it even offers delta and concurrent migration as advanced features. Where the Delta migration feature will allow you to migrate the newly appended emails from a selected SquirrelMail. On the other hand, if you have to transfer batch emails of multiple users at once, you can avail of it by using the concurrent migration option.

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Besides this, the program offers an interactive and self-explanatory interface. This will help novice users easily access and operate it. For further ease for the users, the tool comes up with a help section that consists of all the information about the migration. This standalone application, allows you to prioritize the users whose data you want to migrate first.

Furthermore, a team of technical experts has been set up to assist you, if necessary. Users can avail of the free edition of the tool to pursue this migration process on their respective Mac machines. However, this solution is even best to migrate SquirrelMail to Office 365 account.

Steps to Perform SquirrelMail to Gmail Migration on Mac Desktop

For an accurate migration, download the software from activate key on any version of Mac machine. After that, install it and follow the below steps to transfer batch emails from SquirrelMail-

  • After following the given prerequisites of this tool, click Continue

download tool

  • Then, provide credentials of SquirrelMail account and Validate them as a Source account

SquirrelMail to Gmail

  • Now, select the Gmail option as a destination account to switch from SquirrelMail

choose gmail

  • If required, tap on the Advance Settings for a better filtering emails to migrate specific emails

advance settings

  • At last, hit the Start Migration option to begin the process to migrate SquirrelMail emails to Gmail account on respective Mac computer.

SquirrelMail to Gmail migration

This tool even offers a summary report after the completion of the batch migration process on screen. So, after the completion of the procedure you can check the details of the process in the report or just save it locally.

The Bottom Line

It has become quite common that users to move from one platform to another lately for a better data management. So, in this article, we have provided the best solution to perform SquirrelMail to Gmail migration for all Mac users. This automated solution is one of the best solutions you get for migration without any data modification in the end result. So, you can easily transfer batch SquirrelMail emails to Gmail account on different version of Mac OS.