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How to Migrate Emails from Gmail to AOL Mail Account Directly?

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Looking for a solution to forward Gmail to AOL account? Is the major concern is safe and secure migration then worry no more. We are here to provide you with the best solution to migrate Gmail emails to American Online mail account. This write-up includes a comprehensive guide to ease out your migration hustle.

User Query: Gmail is giving me a hard time because of the storage space. Thus, I want to migrate all my emails from Gmail account to AOL account. Can any of you provide me with a reliable solution to completely transfer all of my Gmail emails? Thank you in advance!!

By considering the above query it is quite evident that the user is not willing to go for the manual method again. So, in the upcoming section of the blog, we will mention an efficient solution that will surely give you guaranteed results.

How to Migrate Gmail to AOL Using Direct Solution?

A user must be struggling with the Gmail application because of which he take the decision to forward to AOL mail email client. So, for this the IMAP to IMAP Migration Tool, is one of the best in this business. This tool is super-rich in features and has an interactive graphical user interface.

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Besides this, the functionalities it offers lure the users the most. This even includes Delta Migration that allows all Mac users to migrate the appended emails only from the Gmail mailbox. Not only this but using this solution is even better for Gmail to Yahoo migration. So, one can download the tool easily and migrate as either bulk or several emails to required accounts.

We are mentioning features for a better understanding in the next section of the blog.

Gmail Emails to American Online Migration Tool Features

  1. Easy Interface: The graphical user interface of the tool is self-explanatory and doesn’t require any sort of technical assistance. This automated migrator software makes it easily operable for non-technical users as well.
  2. Delta Migration: Using this impeccable feature of the tool a user can easily migrate the newly received emails that one has received. This program ensures that there will be no data duplicity while migrating the emails from Gmail account to American Online Mail account.
  3. Concurrent Migration: In order to forward Gmail to AOL of multiple users at once, users can easily help themselves using this feature.
  4. Supportive to All Mac Versions: Also, this is the finest solutions that helps in the migration to operate on all the latest & earlier versions of Mac operating system.
  5. Help Windows: The dashboard of the Mac based software consisting a help window that holds the complete information about the migration.
  6. Priority-Based Migration: Moreover, you can easily set the priority of the added accounts of whose emails & attachments you want to migrate first. Of all the added users, emails of the selected user accounts will be migrated first.
  7. Report of Procedure: Other than this, the software creates a summary report which comprises the details of the ongoing migration including the success and failure counts. Additionally, this report can be used for future references after saving it locally.

Now, let us see how does the tool work?

How to Migrate Gmail to AOL Account on Mac OS Directly?

Step 1. Begin with downloading the software on your Mac machine, tap Continue

download tool to forward Gmail to AOL

Step 2. From there, choose the Source Host Name as Gmail and provide the username and password to it. Then, validate the added information of the account

choose gmail as source

Step 3. Next, from the Destination IMAP account, select the hostname as AOL option and then enter the username and password of it. Validate the AOL mail account details once you have added them.

select aol

Step 4. The next step is to apply the date filter if you want to perform the selective Gmail account emails to AOL migration.

date filter

Note: However, you can even avail of the Delta migration feature if you have already performed the migration at least once using the tool.

Step 5. The last step is to click on the Start Migration button to begin migrating all Gmail emails & attachments to AOL account.

Gmail to AOL migration

Bringing it all together!

In the above blog, we have provided a full-fledged solution of how to forward Gmail to AOL platform on Mac desktop. So, users can download the tool to migrate Gmail emails to AOL mail without investing a single penny in it. Besides this, there is an expert team that is specially set up to assist the users with the steps, if needed.