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Perform Secure Gmail to iCloud Migration Step by Step

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In search of a reliable solution to migrate Gmail to iCloud mail account? Is it getting really exhausting for you to find one suitable solution this migration? If that’s the case, then you’ve stumbled upon the right page.

Though, most users prefer Android as compared to iPhone functionalities. But, there are things that keeps fascinating users to upgrade to iPhone or Mac devices. Therefore, there comes a need to migrate emails along with their attached files. But the major concern should be the security of data while performing the migration.

However, moving from these platform is kind of a tricky thing but there is a saying that “Everything is possible”. Therefore, with the help of this informative write-up, you will be able to know about the best method to transfer Gmail email to iCloud account. So, stick with this blog, till the end of it to understand the migration procedure. Here, we will first read about the steps and features of the ultimate solution.

How to Automatically Migrate Gmail to iCloud in Bulk?

Using the best IMAP to IMAP Migration Tool for Mac OS, one can easily migrate Gmail email to iCloud platform in bulk. This automated Mac based program ensures that all the metadata properties will remain intact after the completion of the procedure.

Also, the utility guarantees that there will be no data loss of any kind when a user try to transfer emails from Gmail account to iCloud. Apart from that, the interface of the software is self-explanatory and doesn’t require any technical assistance.

Moreover, it even facilitates you to move multiple Gmail accounts in one go to required iCloud platform without data formatting. So, operate this software and migrate bulk emails with attachments on any latest or earlier version of Mac OS, including Mac OS 12.0, Mac OS 11.0, Mac OS 10.8 and below.

Quick Steps to Move Gmail Messages to iCloud

Perform the Gmail to iCloud migration safely:

  1. Download Software on Mac PC.
  2. For Source account, select Gmail option.
  3. As a target path, choose iCloud and validate.
  4. Apply Filters and set Date range.
  5. Finally, tap Start Migration to begin.

Complete Step by Step Procedure to Transfer Gmail emails to iCloud

This is the simplest and the most reliable solution to perform the migration. You just have to perform the steps in a chronological manner.

  • Firstly, download, install and run Gmail to iCloud migration tool on your Mac machine of any version. After that, launch the tool and make sure to fulfill the prerequisites, once done, hit continue.

gmail to icloud migration tool

  • The second step is to choose the Source IMAP account as Gmail option from the drop down list. Then, provide the credentials including user name and app password of the chosen account and click on the Validate button.

Migrate Gmail to iCloud

  • Afterward, select an iCloud option as your Destination IMAP selection and perform the same steps here as well to migrate Gmail to iCloud. Tap on the add icon for mapping the both accounts together and proceed further.

select icloud

Note: To migrate data of multiple user accounts at once, click on the Add button and repeat the steps.

  • Next, click on the date-filter option to perform range-based migration to transfer specific Gmail mailbox emails to iCloud.

additional filters

  • By availing of the delta migration option, you will be able to transfer emails from Gmail to iCloud mail account and skip already migrated emails.

delta migration

Note: This feature can only be used if you have already performed the migration at least once. As it is basically to prevent email duplicates during migration.

  • At last, click on the Start Migration button to go ahead with the procedure. The software will begin the migration process, and you can check the on-going process on the software interface.

Migrate Gmail to iCloud

  • After the accomplishment of the task, the software will generate an export report which comprises a detailed summary of the exportation procedure.

Gmail to iCloud summary report

Get the Free Demo Edition of the Program

We recommend that you always choose the trial version before making a purchase to migrate Gmail to iCloud. With the help of this free demo version, you will get to know the exact working and functionality of the software. Furthermore, the demo version of the tool allows migrating up to 100 emails from the source Gmail account to the destination iCloud account. Hence, you can later upgrade the tool once you are completely satisfied with the free version.

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Noteworthy Features to Migrate Gmail to iCloud Mail Account

  1. Transfer data into multiple accounts: This astounding utility allows migrating data from and to multiple IMAP source and destination accounts. A user just has to make the source and destination selection and the rest of the work can be performed easily.
  2. Concurrent Transfer: Gmail to iCloud Migrator software allows to migrate data of multiple user accounts using the concurrent migration feature. All they have to do is to click on the Add button to perform the importation procedure.
  3. Delta Transfer: Delta migration feature permits the users to migrate the appended data only. This means that a user can move the newly received Gmail messages to iCloud account. Additionally, the tool affirms that there will be no data duplicity or alteration.
  4. Provides Summary Report: Once the process gets over, then, the software generates an export report. This contains detailed information on the entire process including the success and failure count.
  5. Date-Filter: The date filter allows the users to make the range-based migration to save the time and efforts to transfer Gmail email to iCloud specifically.
  6. No Restrictions: The tool doesn’t impose any sort of constraints while performing the process. Besides this, it makes sure that the formatting will remain intact even after the attainment of the final results.
  7. 24X7 Technical Support Team: Despite the fact that we offer a straightforward, interactive, and self-explanatory graphical user interface. But, if you have any sort of issues while working on this application, our technical support team is there to help you out.

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The Final Verdict

The aforementioned write-up explains a foolproof solution to migrate Gmail to iCloud account safely. By using the provided solution, you can easily move Gmail emails to iCloud platform without losing any information. However, for a better understanding, all Mac users can go for its free demo version. It will help you for limited trial to transfer emails on any Mac OS versions.

Common Questions Asked by Users

Q- How do I transfer Gmail emails to iCloud quickly?

Simple steps to migrate emails from Gmail to iCloud:

  1. Download the tool and launch it on your Mac desktop.
  2. After that, pick Gmail option for the source account.
  3. Now, click iCloud option, validate the account details.
  4. Click on Start Migration icon to start the procedure.

Q – Does this tool provides data security of the mailbox during migration?

Yes, this tool is efficient enough to migrate all emails from Gmail mailbox to iCloud that too with complete data security.

Q- Can I transfer only required folder from the Gmail mailbox?

Yes, with this tool, you are allowed to move only required folders by checking folders like Sent Items, Trash folder etc. Therefore, you can customize the migration as needed without having to migrate all mailbox folders.