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How to Migrate IceWarp to Office 365 / Microsoft 365 Account?

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The prime concern in today’s digital era is to provide flexibility to their businesses while working. Enterprise owners wish to migrate their data to Office 365 platform because of the security it provides. So, here, in this write-up, we will include the most suitable solution to migrate IceWarp to Office 365 / Microsoft 365 account.

The immense popularity of the Microsoft 365 account among the users has already the rose the download graph. A user has plenty of reasons for opting for the Microsoft 365 / Office 365 platform. Not only emails but it offers several other applications including Skype, OneDrive, Yammer, and so on to its users. In addition to this, it provides complete security and easy accessibility.

Furthermore, users might have several reasons to leave IceWarp behind. One of which includes Microsoft Office 365 provides intelligent and smart features for managing the email system as compared to the IceWarp email client. Microsoft 365 application is capable enough to manage bulk emails systematically.

So, without much further ado, let us find a solution to migrate IceWarp emails to Microsoft 365 account for both Windows and Mac users.

Directly Migrate IceWarp to Office 365 Platform

IMAP to Office 365 Migration Tool for IceWarp to Office 365 is a professional solution that facilitates guaranteed results. The utility is capable to migrate the entire mailbox emails in a few steps without losing any data information. All that a user has to do is to provide the credentials of both IceWarp mailbox and a Microsoft 365 user account.

Click on the download button of the software for your Windows or Mac computers.

In addition, the software is designed with advanced algorithms and technology. The software ensures that there will be no email data duplicity during migration. Also, the interface of the software is self-explanatory and doesn’t require technical expertise.

Other than that, IMAP Email Migration Tool is a standalone utility that doesn’t require the installation of any other third-party external application. In short, this IceWarp to Office 365  migration tool is a robust, handy, and bug-free application.

The forthcoming section of the blog includes some of the extraordinary features of the software.

Prime Characteristics of the Tool

  1. Full Mailbox Migration: It is a simple utility that allows you to directly migrate email data from IceWarp accounts to Office 365 / Microsoft 365 in a hassle-free manner.
  2. Maintain data integrity: The tool performs file migration and maintains data integrity. During the migration from IceWarp to Microsoft 365, all Meta elements such as To, Cc, Bcc, Email Header, Signature Email Format, Hyperlinks, and all other details remain unchanged.
  3. Email Filtering: The tool also has an option to completely remove unwanted content during IceWarp to Office 365 migration. You can easily filter out data using our advanced filtering options. Using the date range option, you can only export selected data between two specific dates.
  4. Delta Migration: By using this feature, a user can skip the emails that have already migrated in the previous run with the help of this software. This will save the users time and also prevent data duplicity.
  5. Concurrent Migration: This will let you migrate the email data of multiple user accounts at once without any sort of data modification or alteration.
  6. Windows Compatibility: The software works with Mac & Windows operating systems based on Windows Server 2012 / 2016, Windows (64 bit) 10 / 11 OS. And including MAC OS X 11.0 (Big Sur), MAC OS X 12.0 (Monterey), MAC OS X 10.8 and above versions. Also, you can always contact our technical support service team, 24X7.
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Stepwise Method to Migrate IceWarp to Office 365 Account

Please follow and stick to the steps mentioned below in a sequential manner.

  • Download and activate the application on your Windows computer of supported version.


Keep in mind: We recommend that you download and use the demo version of the tool to get used to the functionality. The free version of the software allows you to migrate 2 user accounts. After you are completely satisfied with the usability of the tool, you can upgrade to the licensed version.

  • In the settings screen, select the source (IMAP) and destination (Office 365) accounts.

IceWarp to Office 365

  • Now, the next step is to select emails from the workload category and apply a date filter.

Category selection

  • In the Source screen, fill in the IceWarp use account details and Validate the details of the selected account.

Source details to Migrate IceWarp to Office 365

  • Fill in the details of the selected Destination account as Office 365 and Validate it again.

Destination details

  • On the Users screen, add users and authenticate them by clicking the Validate button.

Add user to migrate IceWarp to office 365

  • Finally, click the Start Migration button for a bulk IceWarp to Office 365 migration on Windows.

Start Migration

Generate Report: After the process ends, the software generates a summary report. This export report contains the number of successful and failed migrations that have occurred during the migration process. In addition, the report can be used for future reference.

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Use Mac IceWarp to Office 365 Migration Tool Step by Step

Follow the guide to execute the safe migration process on Mac machine by downloading the software first.

  • Then, activate the key, install, run the tool and tap Continue.

download mac IceWarp to Office 365 migration tool

  • After that, for the selection of the source IMAP account, select IceWarp option >> Provide its active username and password and Validate.

select icewarp

  • Choose the Office 365 option as the Destination account >> enter a valid user credentials >> Validate.

select Office 365

  • Apply required Date filters for selective IceWarp to Office 365 migration and check or uncheck mailbox folders.

date filter and folders

  • In the last step, click the Start Migration button to migrate all selected folders or email data from IceWarp to Microsoft 365 / Office 365 account.

Migrate IceWarp to Office 365

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However, IceWarp is indeed one of the most effective email clients. However, there are times when users have to migrate IceWarp to Office 365 account. For this purpose, you can use the expert solution given above. A team of technical executives is there to assist you, 24X7, if necessary.