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How to Migrate iCloud to Office 365 Account in Bulk?

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There are various circumstances where users want to migrate iCloud to Office 365 platform in bulk mode. After researching a lot on this query we found out that numerous users are finding reliable ways to do the migration process. In this particular write -up, we will provide you with all the significant solutions that will help you in accomplishing the task without any mess.

User’s Concern

“Hey! Due to some urgency, I have to migrate my iCloud emails. And now I want to access those emails in Microsoft 365. To do this I need a reliable yet trustworthy solution as my emails are very crucial and intimate. So, for the last 2 days, I have been finding ways to migrate iCloud to Microsoft 365 in bulk but failed miserably. If anyone knows how to do the task please help me out. Thanks in advance.”

Well, we all know that Apple users store all their data information on iCloud. Furthermore, it synchronizes all the user’s data like emails, calendars, and photos.

Whereas, the Office 365 is the first priority of organizations as it has multiple advanced functionalities and services. The captivating features of Microsoft 365 persuade every user that they want to switch to Office 365. So, let’s know more about it in below sections.

Notable Features of Microsoft Office 365

In this section below some of them are outlined situations or reasons that influence users to migrate to O365:

  • High level of dependability
  • Safe and secure as compared to others platform
  • The updates are made on a regular basis for a smooth working
  • Office 365 provides its users with professional, secure, and simple infrastructure.

All these are the reasons that provoke the users to migrate iCloud email to Office 365 platform with bulk emails. Though, performing this task is kind of a difficult task. But we are providing you with the best-advanced solution that will accomplish the task in an efficient manner. There is a

manual approach but it contains a number of loopholes, and it might fall you behind from achieving the task proficiently.

So, in the section below we will discuss the professional solution to perform the migration task efficiently.

How to Migrate iCloud to Office 365 Account Directly?

IMAP to IMAP Migrator Software is one of the best solution to export iCloud to Microsoft 365 account in bulk mode on Mac and Windows OS. In addition, this advanced utility can migrate mailbox emails with attachments from the IMAP server enabled host account to Office 365.

Furthermore, it can even facilitates for selective migration as per the date preferences. Using the advanced software you can transfer selective emails. This is only possible when you apply a data-based filter as per the required range. So, operating this tool is far easy way to migrate iCloud email to Office 365 on different versions of Mac and Windows machines.

Once the procedure is completed, the software generates an export report at the end. So that, you can just save it on your respective desktop at any location path. In the next segment, you will get to know how the software works on Mac and Windows operating system.

Steps for iCloud to Microsoft 365 Migration on Windows Desktop

  • First of all, download and activate the tool on your Windows Machine
  • Following this, pick the IMAP option as source and Office 365 options as destination accounts from the list

source and destination selection

  • In the workload category, select Emails option to migrate iCloud to Office 365 for bulk migration along with attachments

select Emails

  • Subsequently, choose the Other option if you are operating on other IMAP server, enter the user credentials of the required iCloud account

choose icloud as source

  • After that, enter the email ID and Password of Office 365 user account to proceed with the migration and validate

credentials to migrate iCloud to Office 365

  • Thereafter, it will even allows you to select the User from the source account, so select it and validate the account using source App Password

select users

  • In the end, do a mouse click on the Start Migration button to initiate the procedure

start migration

These are the simple steps of the software for bulk migration on respective Windows machine smoothly.

Point to Remember: The trial edition of this Windows based wizard is only capable of 2 users which means you can add two email accounts in the free version. But if you want unlimited migration then, opt for the licensed version of the tool.

How to Migrate iCloud to Office 365 on Mac OS with Bulk Emails?

To execute a safe and secure migration process on Mac, just download it on any Mac OS version and follow the steps as given below-

  • Firstly, install and run this tool and check out the instructions as given on the screen, click Continue

download mac based too

  • Afterwards, you will be required to select the iCloud option as Source account and provide username and password >> Validate

icloud to microsoft 365

  • Next, choose the Office 365 / Microsoft 365 option as Destination account >> provide username and password as per the required O365 account>> Validate.

migrate iCloud to Office 365

  • Here, this tool facilitates with Date Filter for selective email migration or just check the required folders of to migrate iCloud email to Office 365

date filters for icloud

  • At the end, press on the Start Migration button to initiate the process for bulk iCloud to Microsoft 365 migration on Mac desktop.

migrate iCloud to Office 365

Enticing Features of the Software

The software has amazing in-built features some of which are outlined below:

  1. It transfers specific emails from the selected host or source account to the destination account.
  2. Using the concurrent Migration option, one can easily migrate all emails of multiple users at one go with bulk emails and attachments.
  3. It is better solution to migrate iCloud to Office 365 on both Windows and Mac desktop without any data modification.
  4. Users can stop the ongoing migration process anytime if needed with the given options.
  5. Apart from these, it even offers to save the entire migration report at any location path on respective desktop. It will include the complete detail of the migration.
  6. A complete organized application for both Mac and Windows users to operate on latest versions.

The Verge

Though iCloud has great features but the Microsoft Office 365 has advanced and multiple features that entice the users. But the burning question is how to migrate iCloud to Office 365 in bulk? So, for this, we have introduced advanced software through this blog, which is discussed above. Hence, with the standalone iCloud to Microsoft 365 migration tool one can easily transfer as many emails as required along with attachments. But if you have any doubt then, you should first use the trial version after understanding the complete work.