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How to Migrate Outlook to iCloud Platform? A Stepwise Guide

Admin | Published: 2022-05-21T12:17:27+00:00| Migration | 5 Minutes Reading

If you prefer Apple devices, then our guide will help you import emails from Outlook to iCloud platform in a hassle-free manner. Although both have different functionalities, one can sync them. Here, know how to do it.

The increasing popularity of users storing their data on cloud platforms has risen over the past few years. Subsequently, the rivals for the same have grown as well. Some of the users find MS Outlook appropriate for them whereas some find iCloud to be the most suitable. This results in the users switching from one platform to another. Here, we will resolve one such user query on how to migrate Outlook emails to iCloud Account?

When we talk about cloud-based storage platforms, iCloud strikes the mind of users. The biggest trump card is that it is functional with both Mac and Windows operating systems.

Furthermore, we advise you to create the backup of your data on cloud platforms because it is obviously considered to be safer than the backup on the local systems. Thereupon, in the next section of the write-up, we will include some of the main reasons for choosing iCloud over MS Outlook.

Prime Objectives behind the Migration

This part of the article explains the reasons why users prefer iCloud up on Microsoft Outlook. So, have a look!

  • Apple iCloud is considered to be smoother as compared to the Outlook email application.
  • Also, iCloud has rigid security and privacy policies to secure all of your information.

Now, the point of concern is how to migrate Outlook emails to iCloud platform? So, the forthcoming sections of the blogs will explain all the possible methods that a user can go for.

Outlook to iCloud Migration – Diverse Options

We will first discuss the conventional method and the shortcomings it offers. After that, an automated method to provide the guaranteed results.

Method 1. Transfer Data using iCloud Control Panel

  1. Download the control panel on your system and sign in to it.
  2. Tick the box adjacent to Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and Tasks and hit the Apply button.

Just by doing so, you will be able to migrate the emails Outlook account to iCloud account.

Please Note: By doing so, you will be able to migrate the entire data of the mailbox and not only the emails. As a result, it will result in the mismanagement of the data.

Shortcomings of the Manual Method

We are outlining some of the major limitations here.

  • It is quite evident that there will be no data management as all the data gets migrated at once.
  • If any interruption occurs, there are high chances of data loss.
  • Technical understanding is a must to execute this method.

Migrate Outlook to iCloud – Finest of All

The Best IMAP Email Migration Tool for Outlook to iCloud is a real way to efficiently transfer emails from MS Outlook to iCloud platform. It provides a simple and extremely intuitive interface to help non-technical users. You can easily perform batch migrations of multiple users at the same time without worrying about data loss. Some of the best features are listed in the section below.

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Exemplary Characteristics of the Software

The software includes several high-quality features:

  1. Simple Interface: The graphical interface of the program is clear and easy to use. Both technical and non-technical people may transfer Outlook emails to iCloud email account.
  2. Advanced Filtering Options: The software offers several options, including date filtering options. This allows users to selectively migrate data to a specific date range.
  3. Incremental Email: The incremental or delta migration feature allows users to transfer only the most recently received data. At the same time, the software guarantees that the data will not change or repeat.
  4. Simultaneously Migrate Emails: This feature allows users to easily transfer mailboxes of multiple users at the same time.
  5. Keep Folder Hierarchy: The program keeps the folder structure unchanged even after the process terminates.

Steps for Outlook Emails to iCloud Migration

To add an Outlook mailbox to iCloud email account, follow these steps: All you need to do is follow the steps exactly. Users also do not need to install any other third-party programs to perform the migration.

  • Download and install the Migrator software on your Mac.


  • Select your Source IMAP account here >> enter your username and password >> Authenticate by clicking on Validate.

outlook to iCloud

  • Repeat the same process for the Destination IMAP account.

destination validation

  • Apply filters using the advance settings, maintain the folder tree and check the Delta migration feature to ignore data transferred with this tool during the previous run.

delta migration

  • Hit the “Start Migration” button to commence the procedure.

Start Migration

The Bottom Line

The above article explains the query about migrating Outlook to iCloud account very well. The method described here is flawless and works effectively. If the user is confident enough, the manual method can be selected.

Users can also download the free version of the tool to understand what the program does without spending any money.