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How to do a Rackspace to Office 365 Migration Step by Step?

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Overview: Are you scrutinizing for a reliable method to migrate Rackspace email to Office 365? This blog elucidates the best solution to perform Rackspace to Office 365 Migration conveniently. 

When we talk about the best and most managed cloud provider for small organizations, then, Rackspace comes across the mind of every user. Rackspace email is a favorable email service for organizations that require mail accounts for their domains, especially for small or medium organizations.

Even after all this, it has become progressively normal to migrate Rackspace to Microsoft 365 platform.

The reason behind this is that a large number of users are already familiar with Microsoft Office 365 platform. When compared to the standalone Rackspace Email application, these applications are compatible and provide a unified experience. Moreover, these service components can be easily managed via an online portal.

In the below section we will find more pf such reasons and the methods to perform the migration. So, without any further ado, let us go to the next section of the blog.

Why Migrate Rackspace Email to Microsoft 365 Platform?

Practically there are different reasons when users prefer to choose Office 365 instead of Rackspace platform, like-

  • Productive workforce via 3 main elements.
    • Cross-platform Support.
    • Easy accessibility.
    • Built-in collaboration and sharing features.
  • Office 365 provides subscriptions on a pay-as-you-go or use model.
  • Microsoft 365 provides effortless manageability and operability.

Let us first discuss a user query related to Rackspace to Office 365 migration.

User Query: I have been looking for a solution to migrate my multiple Rackspace emails to Microsoft 365 account. After exhaustive research, I have realized that the manual method is not my cup of tea as it will only let me migrate my files into PST format. Since I want them in Office 365, it is becoming tiresome task for me. Please suggest to me a direct solution to perform this migration efficiently.

How to Perform Safe Rackspace to Office 365 Migration?

Both Rackspace and Microsoft 365 platforms, don’t provide any direct solution to perform this migration. So, we recommend you use a third-party application for both Mac & Windows OS named IMAP to IMAP Migration Tool. By using this utility, one can easily migrate Rackspace email to Microsoft 365 account in bulk mode on their respective operating machine.

Besides this, the features like Delta and concurrent migration lure users the most. On the other hand, a user can effortlessly perform selective migration using the date range filter.

Also, one can conveniently download the free edition of the program to know the functionality in a better manner.

We will be discussing the features of the tool in the upcoming section of the blog.

Enticing Features of this Advanced Software

The features of this tool are endless, some of them are as follows:

  1. Interactive Graphical User Interface: The UI of this above suggested software is easy and self-explanatory. Hence, the user does not need to have any kind of hard core technical knowledge to work on this utility.
  2. Maintenance of folder hierarchy: Moreover, the Rackspace to Office 365 migration tool ensures that the entire folder structure is maintained even after the migration process is over.
  3. Incremental Migration: Using this impeccable feature, users can skip the data that has already been migrated. By doing this, the user will save his time and effort by migrating only new emails and attachments.
  4. Concurrent Migration: Furthermore, a user can migrate emails from multiple user accounts simultaneously using this feature.
  5. Help Section: This software provides a help section which is provided on all the screens. This will help users if they get stuck in the process. Furthermore, there is a technical support team available to assist you at any time.

How to Migrate Rackspace Email to Office 365 on Windows OS?

Users just have to download the tool and follow the given step by step guide sequentially –

  • Install, activate, and run the tool on respective Windows machine.

rackspace to office 365 migration

  • From there, choose the Source as IMAP and Destination as Office 365 from the initial screen.

source and destination selection

  • The next step is to set your Workload category preference as Email, if necessary apply Date Filter to selectively migrate the emails.

email selection

  • Then, select the Other option and enter the details of the Source Rackspace account and validate them.

source selection

  • Likewise, enter the user information of Microsoft Office 365 as Destination and validate them.

destination details

  • Add the users by either opting for the Import Users option or the Download Template option for Rackspace to Office 365 migration.

user selection

  • Eventually, validate the users that you have added, set priority, if required, and hit the Start Migration button.

migrate Rackspace email to Office 365

Note: After the completion of the importation procedure of all emails, the software generates an export report which consists of all the success and failure counts. If necessary, user can save it on the desktop at any location path.

Perform Rackspace to Office 365 Migration Safely on Mac

Download the Mac based migrator on any version of Mac operating machine, follow the steps to execute migration process-

  • From the welcome screen, implement the given prerequisites, and hit Continue.

migrate rackspace email to microsoft 365

  • Secondly, from the Source Account type, select the Rackspace Mail option, enter the account email User name and Password and click validate.

select rackspace option

  • In the next step, select the Office 365 option as destination IMAP account, enter the required M365 account User Name and Password, hit Validate.

validation of m365 credentials

  • To transfer emails from multiple Rackspace mail accounts to Microsoft 365, tap on the Add option.

rackspace to office 365 migration

  • To end this procedure, click on the Start Migration option to migrate Rackspace email to Office 365 account on Mac computers.

migrate rackspace mail to office 365

Frequently Asked Questions

Q- How do I transfer all Rackspace emails to Office 365?

Quick Steps for Rackspace to Office 365 Migration

  • Step 1: Download Software on Windows PC.
  • Step 2:Select IMAP & Office 365 Platform.
  • Step 3:Validate Rackspace user account
  • Step 4:Authenticate O365 user account.
  • Step 5:Start Rackspace to O365 migration.

Q- How do I send bulk emails from Rackspace account?

Unfortunately, Rackspace does not facilitates users with bulk email services.  However, to checkout that your emails are not blocked, it is better to use a reputable email service to send your emails through to some other email client. For bulk email migration, you can take help of the IMAPMigrator Rackspace to Office 365 migration tool.

Q- Is Rackspace POP or IMAP?


Rackspace Email Hosting services provides IMAP access to your account for data management, with IMAP, you can connect to your email from any devices (mobile and desktop email clients) and at any time.

The Bottom Line

When the user wants to switch to a better and secure platform, it is always recommended to choose Microsoft 365. Because it offers a variety of features. So, in the above blog, we have provided the best available solution to perform Rackspace to Office 365 migration for both Mac and Windows OS. Hence, users can easily download the demo version of the tool to know the functionality without investing any money. As it is the best solution which provides multiple features to filter the process of migrating Rackspace email to Microsoft 365.