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How to Migrate Batch Emails from Roundcube to G Suite?

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Overview: The most efficient solution to perform Roundcube to G Suite migration is provided here. Go through the article to understand a step by step procedure to quickly transfer batch emails.

Roundcube is a web-based email client working on the IMAP protocol. It is a multilingual application which provides a self-explanatory interface. This free email client provides options like drag and drop message management. Moreover, it is available in more than 80 languages and can be easily accessed from anywhere.

User Query: Hi, we have been planning to discontinue using our business email account created in Roundcube. Also, I want to migrate all of my data to some other trustworthy cloud platform. Can someone suggest to me the best alternative of the same and how to perform the migration? I would be extremely grateful and appreciate your help!

After encountering this user query, we are here to provide the best substitute platform known as G Suite, now known as Google Workspace. It is a collection of productivity and collaboration tools, cloud computing infrastructure, and many more. Thus, making it an ideal platform for the users is G Suite email client.

But, now the question arises is how to perform Roundcube email to Google Workspace migration. Here, we will provide the most suitable and reliable solution to accomplish this importation procedure.

So, without any further ado, let us dive inside to know the solutions!

Professionally Migrate Roundcube to G Suite Account

Using the IMAP Server Migration Tool to Google Workspace is an ultimate program to migrate all emails from the Roundcube webmail in a trouble-free manner. It has the capability to transfer all the Roundcube mailbox emails along with their properties to G Suite.

In addition to this, it offers a whole set of peculiar features which makes it the supreme choice amongst cloud users. The user interface of the program is self-explanatory and doesn’t require any technical assistance.

Using this smart automated application one can even migrate Roundcube to Office 365 account with bulk emails. Moreover, this finest solution keeps all the information safe as it never save the credentials of any host or destination account.

Roundcube Webmail to Google Workspace – Characteristics

However, it has multiple features , a few others we are listing in the section below.

  • Migrate Roundcube Webmail Data in Batches

The tool is capable enough to migrate all the emails from the Roundcube to G Suite in a few clicks on both Windows and Mac OS. As a result, the efforts and time taken by the user will be reduced while transferring messages. Other than this, the tool ensures 100% data security while performing the migration procedure.

  • Migrate Appended Roundcube Emails

The tool allows transferring only the newly received or appended emails. This will help in eliminating the already migrated Roundcube emails by only transferring the new emails. Hence, safe tool without any email duplicates.

  • Concurrently Transfer Emails

This amazing feature of the Windows based tool allows users to move the data of multiple Roundcube user accounts at once without any trouble. They just have to add the details of the accounts and the software will migrate the emails of the added accounts simultaneously. Also, using the Mac based migrator, one can simply add multiple users and transfer bulk Roundcube emails.

  • Help Section Window

The automated migration tool consists of a help window in the dashboard itself to ease the pain of all Windows & Mac users. It consists of all the details of the migration and how to perform it. Additionally, a technical team of experts is available to help you at times.

  • Selectively Migrate Emails

Using the date filter of the Windows & Mac based migrator tool, a user can easily and effortlessly perform selective or range-based migration. A user will just have to provide the details in the “To and From” fields and the software will perform the rest of the process.

Roundcube to G Suite Migration – Working Steps

A user has to activate the tool on their supported Windows machine after downloading it. After activating the software, follow the below steps to initiate the migration-

Step 1. After successful activation, choose the source and destination platforms.

Roundcube to G Suite migration

Step 2. Secondly, from the workload category, choose the Email option and apply Date Filter to transfer specific emails from Roundcube Webmail

source and destination

Step 3. Next, in the Source screen, enter the details of the chosen IMAP enabled Roundcube account and validate it.

Source account

Step 4. Here, enter the user name and password details of the G Suite account and validate at last.


Step 5. From the Users window, add the users >> validate them using Source App Password >> Start Migration to begin the process to migrate Roundcube to Google Workspace account on Windows computer.

start roundcube to g suite migration

After the migration process terminates, the Windows based software will create an export report. This report has all the information on the migration including success and failure counts.

How to Migrate Roundcube Emails to Google Workspace on Mac OS?

Initially, there will need to download the software on a Mac machine of any version, just and follow the below guidelines –

  • Make sure to follow all the required prerequisite and tap Continue option to proceed

Roundcube to G Suite migration tool

  • Just after that, choose Other option to transfer bulk emails from Roundcube to G Suite, enter credentials and hit Validate

roundcube account details

  • For migrating to Google Workspace account, just select the Office 365 option as destination, enter details and click Validate

g suite details

  • Thereafter, if necessary click Date Filter and set a date range to transfer only required Roundcube webmail messages

date range

  • To initiate the process, click Start Migration option for a smooth and secure migration on Mac OS computer.

begin Roundcube to G Suite migration

The Final Verdict

The above blog entails the best solution for Roundcube to G Suite migration. Subsequently, the solution provided above comes with a free demo edition that can be availed without investing any single penny. So, using the migrator all Mac and Windows users can transfer either specific or multiple emails from Roundcube to Google Workspace account.