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Migrate Roundcube to Office 365 – Effortlessly

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Are you a Roundcube user but disappointed with its services? Planning to switch to a better high-end security platform? If so, then, in this case, most users prefer Microsoft Office for systematic management. Therefore, we suggest you migrate Roundcube to Office 365 Platform. So, in this article, we will be discussing the possible method for this migration for all users.

What is Roundcube Webmail?

It is an open-source email client used to send, receive, and store information that is provided by cPanel. Furthermore, it has two different webmail interfaces known as Horde and Squirrel Mail. Other than this, this email client offers services like calendars and contacts. Also, because of its web-based nature, this email client can be accessed from anywhere in a hassle-free manner.

What is Office 365?

Microsoft Office 365 suite is a cloud-based platform that provides different collaborative apps. It includes SharePoint, Teams, OneDrive, and other apps as well. Its robust apps make it a secure and reliable platform for users.

Why Microsoft 365 is Best to Choose Over Roundcube Webmail?

The biggest fear that every user is facing is losing their vital data including a bunch of attached files. And to overcome this, Microsoft Office 365 comes to the rescue of cloud users. In the forthcoming section of this blog, we will be mentioning the reasons why a user should export emails from Roundcube to Outlook 365.

  • Anywhere accessibility: A user can work on Microsoft 365 as long as they are having a strong internet connection. One can easily access all of their data including emails, Word, Excel, etc. from any corner of the world.
  • Easy Collaboration: Multiple users can work on the same document at the same time. Thus, making it easy to collaborate on the same version.
  • Reduced Cost: The biggest advantage of O365 is that it provides the option of “pay as you go”. This means a user just has to pay for the services that are being used.
  • Advanced Security Options: Microsoft 365 offers built-in security features that can save all of your crucial data and protect you against all threats and attacks easily.

We can easily conclude that Office 365 is an ideal and perfect cloud-based service for both business and personal use.  Now, let’s understand the solution for this migration.

Migrate Roundcube to Office 365 Account Safely

So, if the major concern is the safety of data, then we recommend you choose the IMAP to Office 365 Migration Tool. This is the best professional Roundcube to O365 migrator for all Mac and Windows users that will migrate all the emails from Roundcube webmail with attachments.

Along with that, the tool ensures that there will be no data modifications or alterations of any sort. Hence, every user will get end result in a systematic manner on their selected Microsoft 365 account.

Moreover, this standalone IMAP to IMAP Migration Software even capable enough to migrate Roundcube to G Suite account.

Let’s know more features about this tool in detail.

Splendid Features of the Roundcube to Microsoft 365 Migrator

  1. Migrate all emails: This ultimate program allows the users to transfer all emails from Roundcube webmail to Office 365 along with attachments. The tool ensures that all the meta-data and folder hierarchy will remain as it was before.
  2. Selectively Migrate The impeccable date range filter allows all Mac & Windows users to migrate Roundcube emails falling in that particular range only. For that reason, this automated tool will save the crucial time and effort of the users.
  3. Help Section: The dashboard of Roundcube to O365 migrator consists of a help section on each screen. This includes all the information about the underway migration.
  4. Delta Roundcube Email Migration: The best feature of the software includes the option of appended mail migration. By doing so, you can only transfer the newly arrived Roundcube emails with attachments on any Mac & Windows OS desktop.
  5. Concurrent Migration: The concurrent migration feature permits you to migrate emails of multiple Roundcube webmail user accounts at once. Also, the program retains the folder structure of all the accounts intact after the process terminates.
  6. OS Compatibility: This standalone application is smart enough to work on the different versions of Mac and Windows operating machines. Other than this the interface of the program is self-explanatory and doesn’t require any sort of technical assistance.

The next section of the write-up includes how the software works to achieve this migration task successfully.

How to Transfer Roundcube to O365 on Windows Desktop?

Follow the aforementioned 5 steps to easily and effortlessly migrate Roundcube to Office 365 platform.

  • Launch and activate the software on supported Windows OS desktop

source and destination

  • In this step, choose the Source as IMAP and Destination as Office 365 account from the Setup screen. Later, select Email Category from Workload Selection as given.

migrate Roundcube to Office 365

  • Afterward, select the Other option provide the details of the Source Roundcube Webmail account, and validate it to move further.

source selection

  • Just like the source account, here enter the Destination details of the required Office 365 account and validate them to add the users..

Destination selection

  • From the Users screen, Add users and validate them >> Set Priority >> Start Migration.

Roundcube webmail to Office 365 migration

How to Directly Migrate Roundcube to Office 365 on Mac OS?

To complete the migration on a Mac machine, just download the software and follow the given steps-

  • Some prerequisites are needed to implement, go through with them and tap Continue

Roundcube to o365 migration tool

  • Then,  select the Roundcube option as a source account, if not available choose the Other option. Then, enter details of the required Roundcube account and hit Validate

roundcube details

  • After this, in the destination account choose the Office 365 option from the list, enter credentials, and click Validate

o365 details

  • Then, there are several features to filter out the emails, if necessary click Date Filter and set a date range to transfer selective Roundcube emails with attachments

date range for selective emails

  • In the last step, click the Start Migration option to begin the Roundcube to O365 migration on the Mac desktop.

start migrate Roundcube to Office 365

Once the procedure is done, this Mac-based software provides a summary report of the entire migration process including success rate and failure details.

Is There Any Manual Method to Migrate Roundcube to Office 365?

Yes, you can export emails from Roundcube to Outlook 365. To do so, you need to execute the below steps:

  1. Launch the Outlook application on your machine. 
  2. Now configure the Roudcube account in Outlook.
  3. Provide the necessary IMAP credentials and successfully log in to your account.
  4. Now go to the File option and then move to Open&Export.
  5. Choose Import/Export > Export to a file option.
  6. Choose all the folders that you are going to export.

After the process of exporting, you need to import the PST file to the Destination Office 365 account. Because of the absence of a direct method, this approach is not accepted by the users.

The Final Verdict

In this article, we have provided the solution to migrate Roundcube to Office 365 account for all Mac and Windows users. This is a flawless solution to easily and effortlessly perform Roundcube emails to Microsoft 365 migration. Besides this, it offers a free trial edition of the software that works the same. Hence, all users can avail of it to know the functionality of the software and find out the way to transfer all emails with attachments.