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How to Migrate SquirrelMail Emails to Office 365 Account?

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Are you struggling to find an appropriate solution to migrate SquirrelMail to Office 365? Do not worry because there are hundreds of users who are looking for a solution to the exact same issue. There are numerous users who are finding solutions for the query on how to perform SquirrelMail mail to Microsoft 365 migration without any glitches.

SquirrelMail is a platform that provides the solution for web-based email clients with a proxy server for the IMAP protocol as well. All the pages are rendered with HTML 4.0 version so that they would be compatible with almost all the browsers. Besides this, it is very easy to install and configure the same.

On the contrary to this, Microsoft 365 is a suite of apps that offers subscription-based access to the application that a user uses. It is a widely used platform because it follows a holistic approach to improving overall productivity. Also, it follows features like co-authoring in real-time, Excel, MS Planner, easy sharing, and so on. Other than this, easy operability and manageability come along with this.

So, in this blog, we will provide the most suitable solution to migrate SquirrelMail to O365 platform. Before moving on to that, we will first encounter a user query to know why users actually want to perform the importation.

User Query: Hi, Unfortunately, I am amongst those users who used to work on SquirrelMail webmail. Due to inactive development and continuously declining users, it has become an almost dead email application. As a result, I would want to transfer my emails from SquirrelMail to Microsoft 365 account on Mac PC.

After considering this user query we will now find a suitable solution for the same in the section below.

Best Solution to Migrate SquirrelMail to Office 365 / Microsoft 365

SquirrelMail users, who want to switch to Microsoft 365 now can opt for the best automated IMAP to Office 365 Migration Tool. It is a robust, bug-free, and effective utility to perform the migration. Besides this, the software is designed with advanced algorithms to ease the entire working of the users. Even a non-technical user can easily perform the procedure.

For a simple and sorted migration, using this software is thoughtful, as it comes with different features. So, a user can use this tool and apply features to filter out the required emails. Moreover, this IMAP to IMAP Migrator Software for Mac is finest solution that even helps for migrating specific SquirrelMail emails to Microsoft 365 account.

Above all, this automated application works well on Mac and Windows operating system. So, one can easily access this utility on different supported versions of Mc & Windows OS.

The forthcoming section of the blog holds the characteristics of the program.

Top Advantages to Go with This Solution

  1. Migrate multiple emails: The tool allows to migrate multiple SquirrelMail emails to Microsoft 365 / Office 365 accounts at the same time. It also reduces the time and effort of conversion. Along with these, using the Mac based tool one can migrate emails from SquirrelMail to Gmail account as well.
  2. Safe and easy-to-use interface: This program is completely safe and risk-free. Users get 100% accurate results while working with this utility. This software comes with a super easy, interactive, and intuitive interface. Technical and non-technical users can easily perform the migration procedure with this tool.
  3. No Imposed Restrictions: The tool doesn’t impose any sort of constraints while performing the procedure. So, a user can bulk transfer SquirrelMail emails without any worries.
  4. Support of Operating System: This is one of the sophisticated solution that can be operated on both Mac & Windows OS, including different versions to migrate SquirrelMail to Office 365.
  5. Delta and Concurrent Migration: By using the delta or incremental migration feature, a user can easily move the appended emails only. With the help of concurrent migration, a user can move the data of multiple users at once.
  6. Help Window: A help window has been provided on all the screens of the dashboard. As a result, a user will be able to perform the migration easily without any hassle.

How Does the SquirrelMail to Office 365 Migrator Tool Work?

To begin working on this tool, first, a user must activate the software on your supported Windows machine.

Step 1. Once the tool is successfully activated, pick your source and destination platforms.

SquirrelMail to Office 365 migration

Step 2. Secondly, choose Email from the Setup screen and if required choose the date filter option to apply

email selection

Step 3. Now, you need to select the Source account, here select Other and provide the SquirrelMail details to validate them.

source account validation

Step 4. After this, one has to move to the Destination screen by selecting the Office 365 option and repeat the steps.

destination account validation

Step 5. In the end, add the users, validate them, and hit the Start Migration button to migrate SquirrelMail emails to Microsoft 365 account on Windows OS.

start SquirrelMail to Office 365 migration

Note: Once the process gets over, the software generates an export report that comprises all the success and failure records of the migration. Users can download this summary report for future reference.

How to Migrate SquirrelMail to Microsoft 365 on Mac OS?

For performing this migration, download the software on your Mac machine of any supported version, follow the steps-

  • In the windows screen, make sure to complete the prerequisite to follow, once done, tap Continue option

download squirrelmail to microsoft 365 migration tool

  • Here, select the Other option to migrate SquirrelMail to Office 365 enter the credentials of SquirrelMail and hit Validate

squirrelmail account details

  • To transfer Squirrelmail to destination, just pick Office 365 option as destination, enter email user ID and password details to Validate

microsoft 365 details

  • If required,  in the Advance Settings section, select Date Filter and set a date range or just select required SquirrelMail Mailbox emails with attachments

date range for specific emails

  • Eventually, click Start Migration option to begin the SquirrelMail email to Office 365 migration on Mac OS computer for bulk emails.

SquirrelMail to Office 365

The Final Verdict

The above blog consists of the best method that a user can take to perform SquirrelMail to Office 365 migration. With the help of the trusted solution, users can recklessly migrate SquirrelMail emails to Microsoft 365 in bulk. The tool ensures that there will be no data modifications or alterations of any sort.