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How to Migrate Zoho Mail to Google Workspace / G Suite Platform?

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User Query: I have already tried around 5 methods to migrate Zoho to G Suite application and now this is becoming a nightmare for me. I don’t know if any solution will work out for me. This is really getting difficult as some of the solutions are too difficult to work on Windows 11. I am not a technical person and I don’t want to lose my information, as it is of utmost importance. Hence, I am looking for a method that will allow me to perform the importation in a trouble-free manner. Thus, please advise me of a suitable solution to migrate Zoho mail to Google Workspace.

When it comes to the most reliable messaging application, Zoho Mail strikes every users’ mind. It renders a wide range of features including the pricing policy. The basic suite allows 25 users on a single domain with a limit of 5 GB per user. The major aspect where it lacks is the storage space. This is one of the prime reasons behind the deflection of the users.

On the contrary to this, G Suite or Google Workspace is one of the best email client applications when it comes to storage, spam filtering, user-friendly interface, and so on. It takes extreme precautions in order to keep your data safe and secure.

But the real problem arises when the users decide to migrate email from Zoho to G Suite application. Subsequently, here we will mention the best suitable method that a user can opt to perform the migration smoothly.

How to Migrate Zoho to G Suite Account Directly?

Like the query mentioned above, there are several users who are going through this similar issue. IMAP to IMAP Migrator Software for Mac and Windows OS is a dedicated and secure program for guaranteed results. It is a completely bug-free software that safeguards the individual from data breach threats, data alteration, etc.

Also, the options like delta migration allow both Windows and Mac users to migrate Zoho mail to G Suite only new emails that arrived. Once the migration is done, one can simply access all the migrated emails in Google Workspace mailbox with the same hierarchy and metadata. As this is the finest solutions that never impact on the formatting of data.

However, the availability of this tool is for both Windows and Mac operating system. So, one can easily operate this tool on different versions without any hurdle.

The forthcoming section of the write-up holds some of the extraordinary features of the program.

Noticeable Features of the Software

  • Migrate all the emails

The software allows to migrate Zoho to G Suite in a hassle-free manner for both Windows and Mac machines. It simply means that even if Zoho messages contain attachments, this impeccable utility will export them to Google Suite in same formatting. It is even capable enough to migrate Zoho mail to Office 365 mail account.

  • Maintained Folder Structure

The automated migrator well maintains the folder structure after the completion of the procedure. It preserves the folders, sub-folders, meta-data structure, etc. without any alterations or modifications.

  • Supports Bulk Email Migration

This program doesn’t impose any sort restrictions in the process to migrate Zoho mail to Google Workspace. Besides this, by using the concurrent migration option, a user can add multiple accounts and can perform the importation simultaneously.

  • Delta Migration to Eliminate Duplicates

This feature allows the users to migrate the new emails that a user has received after the initial run in Zoho mailbox. This means, that if a user has already performed the migration using this tool once, then, the second time, the tool will only migrate the new emails only. Hence, it eliminates all the chances for email duplicates.

  • Selective Zoho Email Migration

The data range filter of the Mac and Windows based tool is capable enough to migrate all the emails and attachments on the basis of a date range. By doing so, the program will migrate only those emails that falls in that particular range only.

How to Migrate Zoho to G Suite Step by Step on Windows OS?

The interface of the software is quite easy and intuitive. A user only has to perform the steps in a sequential form.

  • Download, activate, and run the tool on your Windows machine of any version

Zoho to G Suite migration

  • Secondly, choose the Source and destination platforms as IMAP and G Suite respectively on Windows desktop.

source and destination

  • Thirdly, from the Workload Category, opt for Emails >> apply date filter, if needed, hit Next

emails selection

  • The next step is to provide the details of the Zoho mail as a Source account and validate it.

imap source

  • In the same way, enter G Suite/ Google Workspace as a destination account and validate it.


  • Add the users and Validate them >> Start Migration.

migrate Zoho to G Suite

Perform Zoho Mail to Google Workspace Migration on Mac

If you are a Mac user, then download the Mac based tool and perform the safe process easily by following steps-

  • Just after that, run the software on your Mac operating system and hit Continue button

download mac zoho mail to g suite migration software

  • Then, you will need to choose the IMAP Source account as Zoho mail option >> Enter username and password >> Validate.

zoho to google workspace

  • In the next step, choose the G Suite option as IMAP Destination account >> Enter required account credentials >> Validate.

migrate Zoho to G Suite

  • Here, to migrate Zoho to G Suite account for selective emails and attachments, you can apply the date filters.

date filters for selective zoho emails

  • Also, if required, select the Delta migration to skip the already transferred Zoho emails.

delta migration of new emails

  • At last, moues-click on the Start Migration button to begin the process to migrae Zoho mail to G Suite in bulk on Mac desktop.

migrate Zoho to G Suite

The Final Verdict

This post explains one of the easiest ways to migrate Zoho to G Suite for both Windows and Mac users. You can test the solution yourself by using the trial version. This software is even available for free on the official website of the product. The free demo version of Zoho Mail to G Suite Migration Tool is integrated with all commercial standards. Moreover, the entire migration process is kept safe and secure throughout the migration process.