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How to Perform Bluehost to Office 365 Migration Account Directly?

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Overview: Through this write-up, we are trying to resolve the user query on how to migrate Bluehost email to Office 365 / Microsoft 365 platform. As for any migration, it is necessary to transfer emails safely to the destination account. Therefore, most users prefer try to avoid any manual or long procedure if available. As it may create issues while just migrating batch emails in one go. So, in this article, we will be providing a safe solution to perform a batch Bluehost to Office 365 migration.

However, Businesses, be it small or large, time and again host their websites and email servers with the service providers like Bluehost. The major reason behind this is its cost-effective nature. Other than the domain hosting, enterprises also buy the Microsoft Office suite plans that are included with the subscriptions they opt for.

Despite that, there are times when a user wants to dissociate the domain hosting services from the email services. So, in this article, we will include the best solution for a batch Bluehost migration to Office 365 / Microsoft 365 platform. In addition, we will also discuss the reasons why users tend to perform this migration.

Multiple Factors to Choose Microsoft 365 Platform

There are plenty of reasons why a user wishes to migrate from one platform to another, and choosing a M365 platform. Subsequently, we are mentioning a few of them in this sections of the blog to make it more clear for Bluehost to Office 365 Migration-

  1. Microsoft 365 is completely a cloud-based platform that allows the user to access their files anytime and from anywhere.
  2. MS Office also provides advanced applications and many other features that entice the users. It includes advanced features to work smoothly without any hassle.
  3. Microsoft Office 365 provides a secure environment to its users as it will not allow any intruder to access your data. As a result, most users prefer to migrate Bluehost email to Office 365 / Microsoft 365 account.
  4. Information stored on the O365 platform is completely safe and sound. It ensures its users that there will be no modification or alteration of the data that occurs.
  5. Easy operation is another functionality that entices the users the most.

There are even other features that influence both Windows & Mac users to transfer their emails to M365 account. So, that they can easily access all the emails.

Batch Migrate Bluehost Email to Office 365 /Microsoft 365

In order to migrate emails in batch from one account to another account, a user must opt for a solution that provide guaranteed results. Thus, we are recommending the solution that should be your only hope. For each one of you, IMAP to Office 365 Migration Tool is the only light after the tunnel ends to migrate email from Bluehost to Office 365 / Microsoft 365.

It is equipped with a whole set of impeccable features to help the users with the entire migration. Options like delta migration to migrate the new emails only so as to avoid data duplicity. Concurrent migration, on the other hand, allows migrating multiple user accounts at once for both Windows & Mac users.

Additionally, a user can set the priority to migrate the selective user accounts first. Besides this, the interface of the tool is self-explanatory and doesn’t require any assistance. As a result, you can easily run this tool on an latest versions of Windows & Mac operating system.

Subsequently, we are providing the working steps of the same in the next section of the write-up.

How to Migrate Bluehost Email to Office 365 Step by Step?

Download the Windows based IMAP Server Migration tool for a batch Bluehost migration to Office 365 / Microsoft 365, follow the steps-

  • After successful activation, from the Setup screen, choose the source (IMAP) and destination (Office 365) accounts.

download Bluehost to Office 365 migration tool

  • Secondly, just check the Emails option from the Workload Category or apply Date Filters

Date Filter

  • Next, from the Source screen, first select Other option from drop-down and enter the Bluehost account details then validate them.

Source Selection

  • In a similar manner, enter the destination account details i.e Microsoft 365 / Office 365 credentials and validate them.

Destination account validation

  • The last step is to add users, validate them and click on the Start Migration button.

Start Migration

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How to Use Mac Bluehost Migration to Office 365 / Microsoft 365 Tool?

Before working on the software, you must download the suggested application on Mac PC, follow the below guide then-

  • After installation, checkout and implement all the given prerequisites, click Continue

download tool to migrate bluehost email to office 365

  • Then, it will be required to select the source account, for that tap Other option, enter the user name & password of Bluehost account and Validate

choose source as bluehost

  • Following the above step, choose Office 365 / M365 option for add credentials to authenticate by tapping on Validate option

choose m365 details

  • For only migrate Bluehost email to Office 354 specifically, select the Date Filter and set the date range or just check any folder

bluehost to office 365 migration

  • At last, it is required to click on the Start Migration button for Bluehost to Office 365 migration on Mac.

migrate bluehost email to office 365

Once the procedure is done, the software will export the report of the entire migration containing details. If necessary, all the Windows or Mac users can save this report locally for future reference.

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The Final Verdict

In the above parts of the blog, we have explained the ways using which a user can migrate Bluehost email to Office 365 platform. A team of technical experts is there to assist you with Bluehost to Office 365 migration, 24X7. One can also use the free demo edition of the tool to know the exact working procedure and then access emails in Microsoft 365.