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How to Migrate Multiple Emails from iCloud to Yahoo Mail?

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Seeking for a solution to perform iCloud to Yahoo mail migration? Then, stick to this blog in order to find the most suitable solution to transfer multiple emails from iCloud account to Yahoo account. Besides this, we will also discuss the factors which make the user take this decision.

We all are well aware of the fact that Yahoo Mail has been the most favored email client among cloud users since the very beginning. There are various reasons for that, starting from the user-friendly interface to the free storage space provided.

Apple iCloud mail account can be accessed easily via any web portal as it is based on IMAP protocol. Regardless of providing such enticing services, it only renders 5GB of free storage space to save all of your data.

On the contrary, the Yahoo mail account provides 1TB of free storage to each of its users. There are countless other reasons why users are looking for a reliable solution to migrate iCloud emails to Yahoo mail account effortlessly.

Let’s find out!

Why Users Prefer Yahoo Mail Over iCloud Account?

  1. Yahoo mail offers a safe and secure graphical user interface for easy operability.
  2. It even renders the search option for easy email and other data accessibility.
  3. Enormous free 1 TB storage space for keeping the data in a single mailbox with complete security.
  4. There is even desktop based application available or user can access the Yahoo mail mailbox from its official website.
  5. Yahoo mail even easily send or receive large-sized attachments via email.
  6. Robust spam filtering options for effortless management.

Undoubtedly, we now know why users are looking for a solution to migrate iCloud to Yahoo mail account. However, there is no technically manual solution available for this migration. Therefore, we suggest you to choose the professional and safe solution to prevent future uncertainties.

So, without any further delay let us find an appropriate solution to perform this importation.

Transfer Emails from iCloud to Yahoo Account Directly

iCloud Migration Tool for Mac is a robust and bug-free solution, developed with advanced algorithms to migrate emails to Yahoo mail. It is capable enough to perform the bulk and concurrent migration of multiple iCloud users at once. So all the users can perform a quick migration with its easy to use graphic user interface.

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Besides this, several other features including the date filter for selective migration are there. Using this option, the program will only move the emails that fall in those particular date ranges. However, this tool facilitates users to transfer multiple iCloud emails with attachments in one go.

The next section of the blog comprises several other characteristics of the program.

Enticing Functionalities of the Remarkable Utility

  1. Easy to use, secure, and independent user interface for effortless working.
  2. Capable for bulk iCloud to Yahoo mail emails migration of multiple user accounts at once.
  3. The software is easy to use and no technical assistance is required to perform the task. Even a non-technical user can easily work on it without any complexities.
  4. This solution is even capable enough to migrate iCloud email to Office 365 account with all attached files.
  5. Delta migrate new iCloud account emails to Yahoo mail account to prevent email duplicates.
  6. Migrate all emails of several users’ accounts simultaneously via the concurrent migration option. It even supports to transfer emails from iCloud to Gmail account easily.
  7. Sustains the folder structure and email properties, metadata throughout the procedure.

Bulk iCloud to Yahoo Mail Migration – Working Steps

This section contains the sequential working steps, so, download the software on Mac OS of any version and follow the steps –

  • Firstly, Run the migrator software on your Mac operating system to initiate the process, mouse-click the Continue

download software on mac

  • The second step is to choose your Source IMAP account. Here, select the iCloud >> Provide username and password and Validate account

add icloud

  • Afterward, choose Yahoo as your Destination IMAP account >> enter the valid username and password >> validate.

icloud to yahoo migration

Note: For concurrent migration, click on Add button and repeat the procedure.

  • The next step is to apply the filters for finest migration, if necessary-
    • Date filter for selective or range-based iCloud email to Yahoo migration

range based filter

    • Delta migration feature to overlook the already migrated emails in the previous run.

  • At last, hit the Start Migration button to stimulate the safe process. The tool will immediately begin transferring all emails from the selected host account to destination account. Once, the procedure is complete, you will be able to access all emails with same formatting in your Yahoo mail account

iCloud to Yahoo migration

Note: After the process ends, the software will generate an export report. This summary report consists of all the details including the success and failure count. If necessary, you can save this summary report at any location on your desktop.

The Concluding Statement

In this article, we have explained the most suitable way to perform iCloud to Yahoo mail migration for Mac users. This is one of the finest solutions to transfer multiple emails from iCloud account to Yahoo account without modification. Besides this, the users can avail of the free trial version of the software to understand the functionality in a better manner.