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How to Perform Kerio Connect Migration? Detailed Guide

Admin | Published: 2022-05-03T11:37:53+00:00| Migration | 4 Minutes Reading

Hi! I have been using Kerio Webmail for business communication for quite a long time now. But, now I am not able to handle its slow processing. Besides this, it doesn’t support redundancy. Subsequently, I have decided to perform Kerio IMAP Migration. I have no clue about how to do it and what things I need to take into consideration before initiating the Kerio Connect Migration procedure. Please help me find a solution.

We took the above user query from a discussion forum available on the internet. Also, this is not the only user scenario. There are a large number of people who are looking for an absolute solution to perform Kerio Connect migration. So, the entire purpose of this article is to provide you with an efficient solution for performing this task effectively.

Subsequently, let us dive in to get the most appropriate solution to migrate Kerio Connect to Office 365 account. But, before that let us first see what Kerio Connect Webmail is.

Kerio Webmail is an enterprise-class email client that is used to organize emails, contacts, and other data items securely. It is an all-in-one solution that is functional on Windows, Linus, and Mac OS. A user can easily use it for the tasks like scheduling, management, and calendar sharing. Other than this, Email is the most important part of the integrated workflow.

Now, in the upcoming section of the blog, we will mention the most efficacious solution to securely migrate Kerio emails.

Kerio Connect Migration Tool – No.1 Solution

Kerio Server Migration Application is the ultimate solution to migrate the Kerio mailbox into a variety of destination platforms. Subsequently, making it an ideal solution for all the users who are seeking for a solution to perform this exportation.

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This utility is extremely efficient as it is developed with all the latest algorithms to ease the hassle of the users. It comes up with the delta migration option to move the emails that have shown up recently. In addition to this, users can also avail of the priority-based migration to migrate the data of selective users first. Users can also migrate Kerio to Gmail account in an effortless manner.

Furthermore, the tool offers a free demo version of the tool which allows migrating the data of 2 user accounts. This free edition can be used to check the functionality and working of the tool without investing any single money.

In the approaching section of the blog, we will assist you with the working steps on how to migrate Kerio connect webmail securely.

Working Steps to Migrate Kerio Mailbox Server Completely

  • To begin with, activate the tool on your Windows machine, and then select the Source and Destination platforms.

Kerio Connect Migration

  • From the workload category, choose the category and then move to the Source screen.

Emails from the workload category

  • Here, add all the required information and validate them.

Source account selection

  • Proceed to the Destination window, and all the details here to similarly validate them.

destination account details

  • In the end, add users and authenticate them. Eventually, click on the Start Migration button to commence the process.

Start Kerio Connect Server Migration

Kerio Connect Migration Tool – Impressive Features

  1. Safe Graphical User Interface: The UI of the application is convenient for both technical and non-technical users. A novice user can also utilize the tool as it has a help window that consists of the entire software functionality.
  2. Folder Hierarchy Maintenance: The software ensures that the hierarchy will remain intact even after the completion of the exportation process.
  3. Concurrent Migration: By making use of this option of the program, a user can easily migrate the data of up to 10 user accounts at once. Additionally, the tool ensures that there will be no data duplicity or alternations of any sort.
  4. Delta and Priority Migration: One can easily migrate the appended emails from the Kerio server to another platform by using the Delta migration feature. On the other hand, users can prioritize the migration procedure by setting precedence.

The Concluding Statement

The above article explains an effortless procedure to perform Kerio Connect Migration. Since there is no reliable manual solution available so, users can easily free download the tool without investing a single penny in it.

A help section is given on the dashboard that consists of the details of the migration. Besides this, a technical support team is there to assist you with all the steps, 24X7.