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How to Migrate Kerio Connect to G Suite / Google Workspace Account?

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It has been always a crucial task of migrating Kerio Connect to G Suite / Google Workspace platform. If you are among those users who are searching for the answers to this, then, you have stumbled to the right page. There could be different reasons for different users who take this step, depending upon their needs. But the hassle to achieve this task successfully remains the same that too with complete data security.

Although, not any longer!

This write-up will walk you through the best and the most efficient solution to perform Kerio Connect to Gmail business account / G Suite migration. However, there is a free manual solution provided by Kerio technologies that allow migrating Kerio emails using IMAP server migration.

But then again, this method requires technical assistance and a lot of knowledge. In addition to this, it is time-consuming, complex, and requires constant internet connectivity. If an interruption occurs, then you might lose your data.

Subsequently, we will be attaining this task using an automated solution. But first, we will encounter some common user scenarios of the users who are trying for Kerio connect email migration to Gmail.

What is Kerio Connect Webmail?

If we talk about the Kerio Mail Webmail then it is one of the well-known servers that are used by most business users. Where one can easily store their emails, contacts, calendars, and other items that are necessary.

Yet users switch from one platform to another because they find the other application better in some or the other sense. The major concern behind this is security. When it comes for the data security then Google Workspace aka G Suite comes as a savior. Because the G Suite fulfills all the user requirements in an effective manner.

Apart from the security, Google Workspace even provides different facilities to its users. Such as more storage space as compared to any minor application. One can even operate it and work simultaneously while collaborating with the other person on the same document. And so more, all those benefits influence both Mac & Windows OS users to migrate to G Suite / Google Workspace.

Kerio Connect to G Suite Account – User Scenario

However, there are multiple users who are struggling for this migration without modification of Kerio Connect webmail data, like-

Hey there! I work as an IT head in an organization. A task to migrate emails of multiple Kerio user accounts to the G Suite / Google Workspace platform at once is assigned to me. For the past few days, I am searching for a solution but unable to find one. Can you please help me for this Kerio Connect migration to Gmail solution which will meet my requirements? Any sort of help would be highly valuable.

After giving consideration to the above user query, the user desperately wants to find one reliable solution. As a result, in the forthcoming section of the blog, we will be citing one of the best solutions available.

Directly Migrate Kerio Mail to Google Workspace

IMAP Email Migration Tool for Kerio to G Suite is developed with advanced algorithms for both Mac & Windows users. Besides this, the date-filtering option allows its users to migrate the Kerio emails on the basis of the selected date range.

However, the Windows based tool is best to migrate IMAP to Google Workspace (Gmail business email) account. And Mac users can easily get the tool to transfer emails from Kerio Connect to Gmail or G Suite account with no changes in data.

Besides this, the tool has an interactive and intuitive interface that makes it convenient for non-technical users to work on. Other than this, a user can easily avail of the free edition of the tool without investing a single penny.

Features of the Software in Detail-

  1. Supports migrating the data of more than one user account at once using the Concurrent Migration feature.
  2. Delta migration feature allows migrating the files that have been received recently.
  3. Moreover, this software is even best for the Kerio to Office 365 account migration for both Mac & Windows users.
  4. Priority-based migration allows users to transfer the Kerio connect emails of important users first.
  5. The help section of the tool consists of all the necessary information.
  6. Best thing about this software is its working capability, that mean one can easily run this tool on different versions of Mac & Windows Operating system.

Now, let us discover how does the tool work?

How to Migrate Kerio Connect to G Suite Step by Step?

To transfer bulk Kerio Mail emails to Google Workspace or Gmail business account, download the software on your Windows OS machine. Just then, follow the guideline as given below –

  • First, activate the tool and launch it, just after that, choose the Source account as IMAP & Destination as G Suite

Kerio connect to G Suite migration

  • Next, after selecting both the preferences and select Email from the Workload category.

Source and Destination account selection

  • Afterward, select Other option & fill in the details of the Source Kerio Connect account and validate it to move further.

source account details

  • Next, fill in the details for the Destination G Suite / Google Workspace account and likewise validate it

Destination account selection

  • Lastly, add users and ultimately hit the Start Migration button to initiate the process to transfer emails from Kerio to Gmail Business account on Windows machine.

Kerio connect to g suite migration

Guide to Transfer Kerio Emails to Google Workspace on Mac

Download the above mentioned software on any version of Mac desktop, follow the steps to migrate Kerio Connect to G Suite –

  • Click Continue option after following the given prerequisite to process

download kerio connect to gmail migration tool

  • Thereafter, select the Kerio option as source host account and enter the credentials to Validate

kerio connect details

  • To transfer Kerio Webmail emails to destination, choose either Gmail / G Suite option as destination, and Validate the same

g suite / gmail details

  • If necessary, click the Advance Settings and just set the date range for selective Kerio Connect emails & attachments

date range filters

  • At last, hit the Start Migration option to begin the Kerio Connect to Gmail / G Suite migration on Mac OS desktop in bulk.

Kerio Connect to G Suite

In Conclusion

Here, we have included the best solution to migrate Kerio Connect to G Suite account. So, both Mac & Windows OS users can recklessly avail of the free demo method to know the functionality of the utility. As this is the solution that comes with proper features to help in this migration. So, once the tool transfers all the emails completely then you can later access them in your destination Gmail business email / Google Workspace account. But with the Mac based software you will be even able to transfer Kerio Connect to Gmail as well.