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How to Migrate Hotmail Email to Office 365 Account Mailbox?

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Hotmail is often known as a personal information manager for web applications, co-developed by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith. It later got taken over by the tech giant Microsoft and was renamed Outlook.com. Also, it is sometimes referred to as OWA or Outlook for the Web Application. It offers all the services including mail, calendar, to-do lists, etc. The only catch here is that it is not as professional as Microsoft Office 365. This makes the users perform Hotmail to Office 365 migration.

On the contrary to this, Office 365, also known as Microsoft 365 offers pay as you go policy. It provides various subscriptions ranging from Student, Organization, Enterprise, etc. A user has to pay for the plan that they avail of as per their suitability.

Various other reasons for opting for this impeccable application constitute features like security, reliability, accessibility, wide support range, and many more.

Regardless of all these features, users find it difficult to migrate Hotmail email to Office 365 accounts. In this blog, we will provide the best and the most suitable solution for this situation.

So, let us find out!

Why Microsoft 365 is Best Over Hotmail?

There are plenty of situations when a user like you prefer to migrate Hotmail to Office 365, such as-

  • First of all, security is the major concern of anyone these days, and O365 is best to choose because of its high-end security as compared to Hotmail.
  • Moreover, it comes with different subscription plans ranging from Student, Organization, Enterprise, etc.
  • Also, Microsoft 365 has various features that are still not available in the Hotmail server. So, due to the finest workarounds most users prefer Office 365 over Hotmail.
  • Because of the downtime of the Hotmail server, it even almost impossible for users to access emails.
  • M365 even offers varieties of the applications that are most useful for official purpose.

Hotmail to Office 365 Migration Using Professional Solution

Using Hotmail Email Migration Tool you can easily perform the task to transfer required emails. This is the best available solution to migrate Hotmail email to Office 365 account in bulk mode for both Windows and Mac users. The dashboard of the software is very easy-to-use and interactive. Additionally, one need not have any technical knowledge to work on this software.

Besides this, the tool ensures that there will be no data manipulation or alteration in the entire migration procedure. This tool even facilitates users with different filters for a filtered migration. So, both Mac and Windows users can operate this tool on their respective operating system of any version to transfer emails safely.

Users can free download the software by clicking on the link below. With this free trial version, any of you can operate it and try this tool to limited times.

The next section of the write-up consists of the working steps. Following that, we will discuss the illuminating features of the tool.

Procedure to Migrate Hotmail to Microsoft 365 for Windows OS

  • Begin with downloading and activating this migration tool on your Windows machine of any version
  • Secondly, from the Setup screen, choose the Source and Destination platforms. Here, select IMAP as source and Office 365 as Destination.

hotmail to office 365 migration

  • Next, from the workload category, choose Email and click the Next button

email selection

Note: You can apply the date filter for the range-based Hotmail to Office 365 migration.

  • From the Source screen, choose the IMAP server >> Provide Details of Hotmail Account and Validate.
  • In the Destination windows, enter the details of Microsoft 365 and then Validate to move further.


  • At last, click on Validate button after providing the Source App Password.

validate users

Note: Users can set the priority to migrate the bulk emails of the preferred accounts.

  • The last step is to click on the Start Migration button to begin the migration procedure.

hotmail to office 365 migration

Guide to Migrate Hotmail Email to Office 365 on Mac OS

Download the Mac based software on any version of Mac operating machine, follow the guidelines for a bulk migration of Hotmail.com emails-

  • In the first steps, select Hotmail options as source IMAP account selection, and enter your account credentials.

Hotmail to Office 365 migration

  • Next, tap on the Validate button for authorizing the user name and password

validate host hotmail account

  • Now, for a Destination IMAP account, select the Office 365 option and enter User name and Password >> hit Validate

validate office 365 destination account

  • If needed, in General Settings section, here, apply Date filter for Hotmail to Office 365 migration specifically, along with required folders

Hotmail to microsoft 365 migration

  • Eventually, mouse-click the “Start Migration” button to begin the process to migrate Hotmail to Microsoft 365 account in bulk mode

Hotmail to Office 365 migration

Prime Features of the Professional Software

  • Migrate Emails Efficiently

This impeccable utility allows for bulk Hotmail to Office 365 migration in a hassle-free manner. In addition, a user only has to enter the details in the source and destination to begin the procedure on respective operating system. It is even suitable for Hotmail to iCloud migration.

  • Preserve Folder Hierarchy

The tool ensures to maintain the folder structure even after the completion of the process. It assures that there will be no formatting or alteration of any sort after the process terminates. Furthermore, the application retains the Metadata properties as well.

  • Concurrent Migration

This Windows based migrator tool allows migrating multiple users at once using its concurrent migration feature. The tool makes sure that there will be no data loss or modifications. Also, Mac based migrator even allows you to migrate Hotmail email to Office 365 including all emails at once with this feature.

  • Delta Migration

Delta migration feature allows you to skip the already migrated emails and attachments and allows you to migrate the newly arrived emails only.

  • Secured and Easy Interface

The tool offers an easy and interactive interface for this migration for both Mac and Windows users. Besides this, a help section is provided on all the screens to assist you with the migration.

The Concluding Statement

In this article, a solution to perform Hotmail to Office 365 migration is given. The software is capable enough to migrate Hotmail email to Office 365 platform in bulk mode for both Windows and Mac OS. Besides this, you can download the free trial edition of the same to get a better understanding of the program. So, it is better to take a help of this best professional software and migrate as much Hotmail emails from the required folder to Microsoft 365.